Webster Community School

Webster Elementary
Creating a vibrant culture of learning for Downtown and Northeast Minneapolis families.

Webster logo

Webster Elementary School
Address: 425 5th St. NE
Minneapolis, 55413
Grades: K-2
Principal: Ginger Davis Kranz
Hours: 8:05 a.m. – 2:35 p.m.
Phone: 612.668.0026
Email: Ginger.Kranz@mpls.k12.mn.us
Website: webster.mpls.k12.mn.us

Principal Ginger Kranz was appointed to lead the efforts to re-open Webster School, and has spent much of the past year on recruiting teachers, making curriculum decisions, and finalizing building renovations. Webster will be a community school – that bridges downtown Minneapolis with near-northeast neighborhoods like St Anthony East, St Anthony West, Nicollet Island East Bank, Marcy Holmes, and Southeast-Como. Upon opening, the school will serve students from PreK-2nd grade. One grade will be added every year after 2015 until Webster is a PreK-5th grade school. At Webster, all students and staff will construct knowledge, skills, and understanding through problem-solving, collaborative work, individual interests, and community partnerships.

The school building itself is getting a major overhaul with windows added, classrooms remodeled, and changes to the site plan and landscaping of the grounds. A citizen task force helped with the building and site designs. The school is located at 425 5th Street Northeast. Principal Kranz is available to meet with anyone regarding the school, school community, enrollment, and volunteering. She may be reached at Ginger.Kranz@mpls.k12.mn.us or 612-913-8923. You can also follow the school’s progress on its new web site.

Webster Reopening Flyer

We Offer: Early Childhood Program • World Language • Technology Integration & Programming • English Learner (EL) Program • Special Education • Physical & Health Disabilities Program (P/HD) • Music • Visual Arts • Parent & Community Leadership • Advanced Learner Instruction • Problem-Based Learning

Program Highlights:

  • A highly engaging and rigorous learning environment
  • Rich opportunities for students to create and produce using technology and other media
  • Daily community engagement in building a strong literacy culture (reading, writing, media)
  • Engagement through the Innovate Design Cycle (Imagine, Explore, Design, Create, Try It, Make it Better)
  • Spanish World Language and culture integrated into the school day
  • After school enrichment opportunities
  • Multi-age learning opportunities incorporated into the school day
  • Extensive opportunities for student leadership and practical life experience
  • Partnerships with local organizations and businesses
  • Student Council
  • Minneapolis Kids program (pending required number of students enrolled)
  • Programs to support all learners–Talent Development, English Learners, Physical & Health Disabilities, Special Education
  • Large outdoor spaces on the school grounds and adjacent St. Anthony Park
  • A newly constructed and furnished learning environment to support collaborative and creative learning

Extended Day Activities: An after school learning program will be developed and a Minneapolis Kids program will be offered (pending required enrollment).

Links for further information:
Minneapolis Public Schools: http://www.mpls.k12.mn.us/
Map of St Anthony Park area with Webster School site:
Webster googlemap

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