Two Ways to Maintain Physical and Social Health

East Side Neighborhood Services has two no cost opportunities to help maintain physical and social health during this time:

1) Join us for Vital Fitness (Home Edition)
An exercise class for all abilities on Facebook Live
Tuesdays from 10:30-11:30 AM.
(You do not need a Facebook account to participate.)
Click on this link or the link below to view a previous recording and join us!

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2) Help others who may not have internet access stay connected and make a new friend while staying at home.

How can we stay socially connected especially if we do not have access to the internet? One answer is in the “old” technology of our telephone and using it in a purposeful and fun new way. East Side Neighborhood Services is currently enrolling people who would like to be a part of Sharing Our Stories Call Tree.

· The Sharing Our Stories Call Trees are groups of people who once a week call another participant and are, in turn, called by another participant. We will assign people to a group and share the names and phone numbers with just the people in their group. Each group is limited to 6 participants.

· Each week, the Sharing Our Stories Call Tree uses a story prompt like, “How did you come in live in the Twin Cities?” as a place to start a conversation. Sharing stories from our lives is powerful and life affirming.

This will be an on-going project as long as it helps fill the need we all have for socializing and deepening friendships. Participants are asked to commit to making their calls for at least 4 weeks.

We all have life stories to share and a deep desire to hear stories from others. Sharing stories from our lives is not just giving our opinion about something-it is letting people know more about us and what shaped our lives-and often sharing a good laugh!

Our hope is that after the threat of the coronavirus has subsided, we can gather and celebrate sharing our stories in community.

To learn more, please contact us at or call 612-787-4086.

East Side Neighborhood Services
1700 Second Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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