Farm to School BBQ – FREE 9/25 from 5-7:30pm

MPS Culinary & Nutrition Services is proud to announce that our third annual FREE Farm to School Community BBQ will be on Thursday, September 25th from 5:00 to 7:30pm!

The event will take place in the parking lot of our Culinary Center, located at 812 Plymouth Avenue North. Students, families, staff and community members will have the chance to enjoy a locally-sourced meal, taste samples made by local chefs, learn about community organizations and meet some of the farmers who grow food for our school meals.

Learn more at

If you’d like to volunteer at the event, please contact Callie at

Thanks so much, and please let me know if you have any questions!


Andrea Northup

Farm to School Coordinator
Minneapolis Public Schools
Culinary & Nutrition Services
612-668-2854 (work)
612-300-6201 (cell)
612-668-2830 (fax)

Feb. Community Meeting: Let’s talk about transit!

Please join us on Monday, February 24th for a discussion with our local leaders and elected officials on transit in our area.

Whether you bus, bike, walk or drive, whether you ride light rail daily or have never taken any sort of public transit, you’re welcome to hear what our leaders have to say and give them feedback on what’s useful to you, and what’s not.

This event will be held at 7pm in our regular meeting spot, Clare Apartments, located at 929 Central Ave NE.

Help build this event – RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook!

Community Meeting Tomorrow – Logan Park Recreation Center at 7pm

Join us Monday, Oct. 24th at Logan Park Rec. Center at 7:00 pm for a community meeting to discuss proposed changes at Webster School, future development of 807 Broadway St NE, and much more. As many of you know, Minneapolis Public Schools is vacating the building at 807 Broadway St NE next year. This building, which borders St. Anthony East, is an important asset to the community and they need your ideas on how the building should be developed, as they will begin accepting bids on the property in coming months. Also, the School Board is considering adding programs to Webster School (425 5th St NE), making it either a pre K-3 school or early childhood education center. Again, this is a great opportunity for our community to influence a decision that has a significant impact on the neighborhood. We will discuss these issues further tomorrow night. Below  is a full agenda for tomorrow’s meeting. We look forward to seeing you there! Please email us or call 612-331-6514 with any questions.
Sean O’Neil
SAENA, Office Manager

St. Anthony East Community Meeting Agenda

Logan Park Rec. Center

Monday, October 24, 2011

7:00- 8:30 pm

  1. Welcome and Introductions- Jeremy Wieland
  2. Park Bid Selection
  3. Webster School and 807 Broadway Updates
  4. NRP Phase II Update
  5. 2ndPrecinct Advisory Committee/Court Watch updates
    1. Crime Prevention Specialist Lay-offs
    2. Neighborhood Walk Update
    3. Treasurer’s Update
    4. Approval of Minutes
    5. Other Business
    6. Adjourn



Special Community Meeting – This Monday!

Monday, September 26th St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association will hold a special community meeting to present and vote on St. Anthony East’s NRP Phase II Action Plan. This plan proposes how Neighborhood Revitalization Program funds will be used to develop the neighborhood’s housing, parks, community, and increase safety. The meeting will take place at Logan Park Recreation Center from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm (690 13th Ave NE). We will present the plan to the community and hold a vote to approve it at the end of the meeting. Don’t miss this great opportunity to become involved in your neighborhood and help bring needed funding to make St. Anthony East a better place to live, work, and play. Below is the proposed NRP Phase II Action Plan.  Please do not hesitate to email us or call 612-331-6514 with any questions or input.


Best Regards,

Sean O’Neil

SAENA, Office Manager

Phase 2 Proposal

Habitat for Humanity: Old Third Town Homes Meeting Wed., Aug. 3rd


We invite you to learn more about the new Old Third Town Homes project this Wednesday, Aug. 3rd at Webster School. Please spread the word about this to anyone who you think might be interested in this opportunity. It is a great chance for renters in St. Anthony East to gain access to affordable homeownership. 


Sean O’Neil

SAENA, Office Manager  


Building community for over 20 years


Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Program:

 Townhomes for purchase in St Anthony East Community    


Affordable Homeownership

–       Zero percent Interest rate

–       Mortgage payment between $600 – $800

–       Low closing cost

–       Must meet our income  and credit guidelines to qualify









Please call John at (612)305-7135 if you have any questions.

Upcoming Events! Mark Your Calendars!

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association has a Community Meeting coming up this Monday, July 25th to discuss our plans for using our Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP) Phase II. We’d like your input on how programs can be designed to best help you and your neighbors. Come and give your input!  Click here for meeting details!

Also, join us Tuesday for our Weekly Neighborhood Walk. A great way to get out and talk to your neighbors.

Finally – mark your calendars and invite your friends. Let’s show off Logan Park!


Outdoor Movie


Saturday, July 30th 9:15pm

Logan Park

690 13th Ave NE


Co-Sponsored by Logan Park Neighborhood Association and Logan Community Center

If it is raining the movie will be cancelled.