St. Anthony East – Resources

The Neighborhood Association hosts several resources to the immediate community, and serves as a connecting resource to other providers operating throughout the broader Northeast sector of the City of Minneapolis and the Twin Cities region.

Follow the links below for more information:

Neighborhood Stories: Neighborhoods reinvesting in housing programs

Since the inception of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP), neighborhood organizations have invested dollars to housing programs such as: Low interest home improvement loans, down-payment assistance, commercial façade improvements, emergency fix up funds and more.

Recent changes in the fee structure and services available at several non-profit housing vendors, have prompted many Minneapolis neighborhood organizations to re-tool and update their home improvement programs to bring them in sync with current market conditions.  Several groups have taken positive steps to update these programs and make them more attractive to residents.  Many loans have lowered interest rates, and neighborhoods are updating their marketing plans and materials to reinvigorate program interest.

Because of the complexity of moving dollars between contractors or involving a neighborhood wide process, sometimes the housing programs take a while to get launched, re-tooled, or re-branded.  Some of this is due to City / Vendor process of financial verification, but some is also due to lengthy community discussions about the best way to invest money back into community and determine what is most attractive to residents.

If you have questions about your neighborhood or loan program, please contact your neighborhood staff person which can be located on the Neighborhood Map.

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