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Our goal

SAENA prioritizes resident accessibility while using streets in and around the neighborhood. We believe that safe and functional streets for all modes of transportation (walking, rolling, biking, and driving) make a neighborhood a great place.



Broadway Street Task Force

The Broadway Street Task Force is a coalition of residents who are seeking to improve the design of Broadway Street Northeast. Formed in 2018, the task force surveyed nearly 1,000 residents in the Northeast Minneapolis area about their concerns regarding the street.

Through community organizing and prioritizing modes of transportation that affected marginalized people in the community the most, the task force made significant gains with Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis’s Public Works Departments. Notably, it was able to transform what was first solely a street repaving scheduled in October 2019.


Broadway mobility improvements to date

The SAENA task force added these improvements:

  • High visibility crosswalks
  • ADA accessible ramps at every intersection
  • Four lane to three lane conversion, adding a turn lane to every intersection
  • Increasing the shoulder on both sides of the street
  • Removing parking along the corridor
  • Closure of the Tyler St. median to inhibit left turns
  • Removing a lane of traffic each direction under the Buchanan St. train bridge


What's next for Broadway?

The work of the task force continues, as the Broadway project is not complete. The task force is currently advocating for a traffic signal enhancement and lane redesign at the intersection of Johnson Street Northeast and Broadway Street Northeast. 

Other improvements include:

  • Enhance existing crosswalks with signal buttons
  • Install a test closure median at Quincy St. to prohibit left turns
  • Install pedestrian crossings at Quincy St. with flashing beacons
  • Install pedestrian crossings at Jefferson St. with flashing beacons
  • Improve crossings to parks (Jefferson St., Monroe St.,  Fillmore St., Pierce St.)
  • Increase time for crossing Broadway St. (Monroe St., Main St.)
  • Increase greenery & landscaping
  • Synchronize lights to improve traffic flow
  • Connect Stinson & Broadway bike path to Diagonal Trail
  • Improve pedestrian-level lighting
A poster of the Broadway Street Northeast corridor study

You can help improve our mobility & transportation!

We invite you to join us in continued advocacy to fix Broadway Street Northeast. This work will benefit everybody who travels through Northeast Minneapolis! Join the task force or inquire for more information.


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