Community Commons Park

Our goal

SAENA prioritizes a healthy environment for all residents in St. Anthony East.

We are stewards of  and are committed to ensuring safety for all who reside in St. Anthony East for decades to come. Whether you enjoy the park or community garden, we’re here to support you as you enjoy the outdoors in St. Anthony East!


About The Park

SAENA owns and maintains the property at the southwest corner of the intersection of Central Avenue and Broadway Street Northeast named Community Commons Park. The park is an important part of the neighborhood’s history and is a unique community asset. We encourage residents to enjoy all of the amenities of the park.

The Community Commons Park site is accessible via stairs from Broadway Street down to Autumn Street and at grade via the Summer Street cul-de-sac between Central and Van Buren Street. Neighborhood volunteers manage a community garden just south of the park.

SAENA’s Park Committee oversees the creative placemaking and maintenance of Community Commons Park.

A path and pergola in a garden

Summer Street Garden

We’re proud to host a beautiful, organic community garden in St. Anthony East named Summer Street Garden. Our community garden is located at the east end of Summer Street in the cul-de-sac near Central Ave. SAENA manages the garden with the help of the gardeners.


People garden; there are many plants and some trees

Get involved

Join the Park Committee, get started in the Summer Street Garden, and learn more about how SAENA is supporting a healthy environment in St. Anthony East.


People plant seedlings in a bed of mulch

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A group of people cheer while standing in a garden