Summer Street Community Garden Bylaws

  1. Summer Street Community Gardens is an exclusively organic garden area. No herbicides, pesticides, or household chemicals are allowed in the gardens.
  2. Returning gardeners in good standing may garden in their previous plot unless they wish to exchange it for another available plot. Returning gardeners must register with the coordinator and pay fees by March 15 each year.  Plots not paid by March 15 may be allocated to new gardeners.
  3. New gardeners: Residents of St. Anthony East may choose plots after March 15, and pay fees by April 1. After April 1, new gardeners living outside of St. Anthony East may choose plots and pay fees by April 15.  New gardeners will pay a $10 deposit fee (one-time), in addition to the annual plot-use fee.
  4. Garden fees will be paid to the Summer Street Gardens. All funds are used to pay for annual water charges, tool replacement, communication costs, and approved improvements. The plot-use annual fee is $25, with a reduced fee of $15 for low-income gardeners.  Key replacement is $3.
  5. Gardeners may not make woodchip paths inside garden plots.
  6. Each gardener must follow these rules and actively attend garden meetings and workdays. All gardeners are required to attend at least three (3) garden workdays during the summer. During the workday periods, gardeners will work on the workday project, or on common garden areas as assigned by the workday leader.  These meetings will be posted on the shed.  If gardeners cannot attend group workdays, individual projects may be assigned by the coordinator.  Gardeners who do not attend 3 workdays will not be considered gardeners in good standing.
  7. All policies are the responsibility of the gardeners and the coordinator. Any complaints or concerns should be presented to the garden coordinator.  Any complaint or concerns should be presented to the garden coordinator and dealt with by the majority rule of all the gardeners.
  8. Plots must be planted by June 1(unless excused) and maintained throughout the growing season. “Maintained” is defined as no weeds over 18 inches.  Plots that are not planted or maintained will be reassigned and deposits will be forfeited.
  9. Children are encouraged to garden and learn with us. Children in the gardens, whether gardening or visiting, are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner.
  10. All gardeners shall respect other gardeners and their plots.
  11. No pets are allowed at the garden site.
  12. In accordance with Minneapolis regulations, no alcoholic beverages (or other intoxicants) are allowed at the garden site or in the adjacent park.
  13. All gardeners using the community tools are responsible for returning them to the shed promptly and in good repair.
  14. All gardeners are responsible or making sure the gates, water hook-up, and shed are locked properly when leaving. If a lock is missing or broken, please report it to the coordinator as soon as possible.
  15. All garden plots must be cleaned (cleared of old growth, vegetation and tall structures) before November 15. Failure to clean a plot will result in forfeiting the deposit.
  16. Deposits will not be returned until the plot is cleaned and the garden key is returned.


Enacted October 14, 2017