October 2010

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Community and Board Meetings

Monday, October 25, 2010

Webster School Room 116

6:30 p.m.

Meeting Minutes


Present: Susan Burns, Sylvia Radford, Andrea Stelljes, Clareyse Nelson, Sean O’Neil, Blaine Muyres, Lisa Brock,


President Susan Burns called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.


Community Meeting Reports


1.      Blaine Muyres summarized the content of a panel discussion on how to vote for judges


2.      NRP Policy Board Elections

  • Clareyse Nelson volunteered to cast vote representing St. Anthony East


3.      CEE update

  • Sean O’Neil informed that the RFP application was just sent in and waiting approval


4.      Future community and board meeting place discussion

  • Discussion took place on how to select the time and location of monthly board meetings
  • It was agreed to put on agenda for November meeting


Board Meeting called at 6:54


1.      Personal Introductions

  • All persons at the meeting briefly introduced themselves


2.      Minutes for September 2010 meeting

  • Sylvia proposed that we eliminate the phrase “demolishing in the near future” under the “Legislative Updates” summary
  • Clareyse moved that we accept with the corrections; Sylvia seconded and the motion passed


3.      Treasurer’s Report

  • Report was tabled for November meeting due to Taras Karkoc not being in attendance


4.      Fiduciary Duties

  • Susan Burns handed out the Fiduciary Duties for Charitable Organizations booklet and discussed the purpose and content of the materials


5.      Safety Lighting

  • Sean O’Neil reported that the estimated cost for each installed light pole is $8,000
  • Susan Burns reviewed the details of lighting issues in the neighborhood and the purpose of putting in additional street lights


6.      Logo Design

  • Susan Burns proposed using Beth to design the SAENA logo. Slyvia Radford discussed the need to give guidelines and oversight to Beth for the design, as Beth does not live in the neighborhood.



Meeting Adjourned at 7:31 pm


Respectfully submitted by Andrea Stelljes, Secretary








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