November 2011

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Community and Board Meeting

November 28, 2011

Logan Park Rec. Center

Present: Jeremy Wieland, Lisa Brock, Laura Taken, Andrea Stelljes, Donna Stutelberg, Sylvia Radford, Suzanne Snyder, Council Member Hofstede, Taras Karkoc

Meeting was called at 7:05

  1. Jeremy Wieland proposed to separate board meetings and community meetings. Meetings will continue to take place on the fourth Monday of the month. Board meetings and community meetings will alternate month. No meeting will take place in December. We will begin January with a board meeting. Additional board meetings can be scheduled as needed. Laura Taken motioned to approve this schedule; Andrea Stelljes seconded and the motion passed. Sean O’Neil will send out the 2012 Meeting Schedule.
  1. Laura Taken proposed setting the Revolving Loan Program interest rate at a flat rate of 2% for green improvements and 3% for non-green improvements. Interest Rates are subject to change. Sylvia Radford moved to approve the proposal; Taras Karkoc seconded and the motion passed. A proposal to change the Revolving Loan term to 15 years for loans $25,000 or less and 20 years for loans $26,000 or more was approved unanimously. Laura Taken proposed to add language stating that there is no penalty to pay back a loan early. The proposal was approved unanimously. Laura Taken proposed that if 50% or more of a loan project meets green standards then the loan is to be issued at the 2% “green” rate. Suzanne Snyder suggested we add language to allow applicants to appeal if they do not meet the loan-to-value ratio for the Last Resort Deferred Loan. The board can then override the denial if they want.  This proposal was approved unanimously. Suzanne Snyder stated that Community Reinvestment Fund administers the loan servicing. Laura Taken moved to give final approval for the program guidelines reflecting the aforementioned changes; Andrea Stelljes seconded and the motion passed.
  1. Sean O’Neil presented an update on the proposed street lighting project on Madison St NE and Spring St NE. A meeting will take place in January where Public Works will discuss the details of the project. Jeremy Wieland stated that the SAENA solar light goes out by 9pm, proving ineffective as an alternative source of neighborhood street lighting.
  1. Jeremy proposed to allocate uncontracted NRP Phase I Revolving Loan funds back to the Phase II Revolving Loan Program. He also proposed to allocate uncontracted Phase I St Anthony Park funds to the NRP Phase II strategy 2.2, Neighborhood Park Improvement. Sylvia Radford moved to approve these proposals; Laura Taken seconded and the motion passed.
  1. Jeremy Wieland proposed to allocate the remaining GAP program funds to the Revolving Loan Program and to move remaining Cops on Bikes and NE Gateway Project funds to NRP Phase II Strategy 2.2. Sylvia Radford moved to approve; Andrea Stelljes seconded and the motion passed. Sean O’Neil will talk to Tree Trust and tell them we want to get contracts done by Christmas.
  1. Council Member Diane Hofstede congratulated SAENA on successfully completing the NRP Phase II Action Plan. She presented updates on the 2012 City Budget, and provided information on property taxes, funding for Crime Prevention Specialists, the City’s Senior Liaison, and new cameras to be installed by the river. Jeremy Wieland stated that proper snow removal on sidewalk corners is important for St. Anthony East, particularly because of Teamster Manor. There is discussion of adding fees for not shoveling their walkways.
  1. Sean O’Neil gave an update on Webster School. The MPS Board will meet November 29th to vote on enrollment solutions for 2012 and 2013. Council Member Hofstede suggested that SAENA contact Superintendent Johnson and encouraged residents to attend the MPS school board meeting.
  1. The board agreed to discuss new changes to the Community Participation Program change at the January board meeting.
  1. Taras Karkoc gave the treasurer’s report. The bank service charge will be removed once requested.
  1.  Sylvia Radford moved to accept the minutes; Andrea Stelljes seconded and the motion passed.

1. Council Member Hofstede gave updates on traffic issues. She said there is an initiative to get trucks to use highways and not drive through neighborhoods.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:36

Respectfully Submitted ______________________________________________    Date  ___________

Board Signature ______________________________________________________    Date ____________

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