November 2010

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Community and Board Meetings

Monday, November 22, 2010

Webster School Room 116

6:30 p.m.

Meeting Minutes


Present: Jana Huffman, Sylvia Radford, Andrea Stelljes, Clareyse Nelson, Sean O’Neil, Chad Dipman, Larry Umphry, Council Member Diane Hofstede, John Blamo, Lisa Brock, Larry Ranallo, Liz Wielinski


Vice President Jana Huffman called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.


Community Meeting Reports


  1. Liz Wielinski, Park Board Commissioner, presented information on the Upper River Design Competition. Its goal is to draw in adjacent neighborhoods and gain input from them regarding how riverfront property can be developed. Their website and community meetings are the best ways for neighborhoods to provide input. (


  1. Chad Dipman, Project Manager, Habitat for Humanity, spoke on the Old Third Avenue Townhomes project in St. Anthony East. The project is slated to break ground in March and go through late winter in 2012. He explained that individuals who would like to volunteer can do so through signing up on their website, ( and SAENA can volunteer as a group. Their goal is to find persons who already live in the area to award housing and will use churches, schools, door-to-door canvassing, and newspapers to promote the project for possible applicants. They would like SAENA’s input to help them find St. Anthony residents who might be interested in applying.


  1. Larry Umphrey from the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board introduced himself and expressed his desire to be involved with SAENA.


  1. Council Member Diane Hofstede gave the CARE meeting update and mentioned that there were no problem properties listed in St. Anthony East.


  1. Larry Ranallo presented the 2PAC update. He discussed the upcoming election for 2PAC Board of Directors, the 2nd Precinct Christmas party, and current crime statistics in St. Anthony East. There has been a small pattern of car break-ins, but most crime statistics are down in the neighborhood.



Board Meeting called to order at 7:39



  1. Minutes for October 2010 meeting
  • Larry Ranallo moved to accept the minutes; Clareyse Nelson seconded and the motion passed


  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Report was tabled due to Taras Karkoc not being in attendance


  1. NRP Phase I
  • Clareyse Nelson discussed the Revolving Loan and Last Resort Deferred Loan Programs, mentioning those to be the biggest Phase I projects. Discussion took place regarding existing funds that are still available.


  1. Center for Energy and Environment Promotion
  • Sean O’Neil discussed door-to-door canvassing effort to promote CEE workshop. Discussion took place regarding the best timing for door knocking and it was decided that majority of promotion should take place in January.


  1. Communication with Madison St. Landlords
  • Andrea Stelljes explained SAENA’s effort to reach out to landlords of properties on Madison St. in an attempt to engage them in dialogue and foster greater cooperation. We will invite them to the January meeting. Andrea proposed that we mention NRP involvement. Sylvia proposed that we change the language of “safety lighting” to something that more clearly explains what we are talking about. Larry proposed that less emphasis be put on Policing Plan in order to not turn off the landlords.
  • Clareyse Nelson moved to change meeting location to Logan Recreation Center beginning in January. Sylvia Radford seconded and the motion passed.
  1. New Meeting Location


Meeting Adjourned at 7:31 pm









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