March 2011

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Community and Board Meetings

Monday, March 28, 2011

Logan Park Recreation Center

7:00 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

Present: Jana Huffman, Sylvia Radford, Andrea Stelljes, Sean O’Neil, Blaine Muyres, Lisa Brock, Council Member Hofstede, Donna Stutelberg , Taras Karkoc, Larry Ranallo, Clareyse Nelson, Laura Taken, Kurt Holtze, Kathy Kittelson,

Vice President Jana Huffman called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.

Community Meeting Reports

  1. Introductions were made.
  1. Blaine Muyres gave the CARE update. He reported on the discussion that took regarding changes to the NCR and NCEC and how they are looking into how to define “equity” in the program.
  1. Council Member Hofstede discussed recent changes to the NRP and explained how these changes will affect neighborhoods. She informed what the new departments (NCR and NCEC) do and what the various acronyms involved in these departments and programs stand for. Discussion then took place regarding St. Anthony East’s NRP Phase II Neighborhood Action Plan and how we should go about putting that together.
  1. Council Member Hofstede gave a report on Neighborhoodfest 2011 and asked St. Anthony East to be involved in the event. Discussion shifted to problem properties and she informed us that the City is concentrating on properties that have a history of repeated 911 and 311 calls and criminal activity taking place. Finally, Council Member Hofstede talked about flooding warnings and prevention.
  1. Larry Ranallo gave the 2PAC update. He reported that most crime statistics are down but the area has seen a slight rise in burglaries.
  1.  Sean O’Neil reported on SAENA’s block club and neighborhood walk initiatives. The board agreed to set dates for neighborhood walks at April meeting.
  1.  Jana Huffman asked the meeting attendants if they wanted to give any input to the groups or bring up concerns they had. Kathy Kittelson mentioned that the Northeast Women of Today meet at Diamonds Coffee Shop on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Board Meeting called to order at 8:16

  1. Minutes
  • Jana Huffman moved to approve minutes; Taras Karkoc seconded and the motion passed.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Taras Karkoc gave treasurer’s report. Discussion took place over extending approved hours for Office Manager, Sean O’Neil, to 25 hours a week until Annual Meeting. Larry Ranallo moved to approve extended hours; Taras Karkoc seconded and the motion passed. Clareyse Nelson moved to accept Treasurer’s Report; Larry Ranallo seconded and the motion passed.
  1. NCEC Meeting
  • Taras Karkoc volunteered to attend meeting and Larry Ranallo volunteered to be an alternate if Taras could not make it.
  1. Logo Design
  • Larry Ranallo moved to narrow selection down to the three banner style logos. Taras Karkoc seconded and the motion passed.
  1. Other Business
  • Jana Huffman asked board members where they were at with developing promotional materials. Discussion took place about each member’s projects. Attendants then discussed how we should be involved in Neighborhoodfest. Larry Ranallo agreed to ask local businesses for logos and information to put on a poster board. Kathy Kittelson suggested we ask home-based businesses to come forward and participate and also agreed to help organize involvement in Neighborhoodfest.  Sylvia Radford moved to accept participation in Neighborhoodfest; Taras Karkoc seconded and the motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:55 pm

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