March 2010

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 22, 2010

Webster School Room 116

7:00 pm

In Attendance: Tom Hoch, Susan Burns, Sylvia Radford, Jana Huffman, Taras Karkoc,  Kristi MacKay, Kurt Holtze, Laura Taken, Andrea Stelljes, Jeremy Wieland, Marcia Thomas, Angie Hugen, Lynn Nelvik-Levitt, David Moore, Blaine Muyers, Hannah Aderinkomi, Joe Korrie, Rick Collins

President – Tom Hoch

–                      Meeting called to order at 7:04pm.

–                      Introductions were made from everyone in attendance.

Community Commons Garden – Sylvia Radford

–                      Sylvia announced there would be an informational meeting on Saturday,

April 10, 2010.

2009-10 St. Anthony East Neighborhood Policing Plan – Susan Burns

–           Susan provided an overview of both the residential and commercial focus

of the plan.

Housing Inspection Supervisor – Angie Hugen

–                      Angie provided a power point presentation of how Housing Inspections

facilitates the process of complaints to cooperation of residents in resolving problems.

311 – Lynn Nelvik-Levitt

–           Lynn made the distinction that residents should call 911 if they are in fear

for their safety, i.e., witnessed violence or house fires.

–                      311 is to be used for information, to report suspicious behavior and to

check on issues or problems.

–                      Starting in April, the hours of 311 will be 7am-7pm.  Online services

for 311 are available on the City of Minneapolis website.

311- David Moore

–           David provided a power point presentation on 311 statistics.  The number

one complaint in SAE is graffiti.

–                      There was a request to have David provide quarterly statistics on

neighborhood complaints to SAENA.

February 2010 Minutes

–                      A correction was raised regarding the designation of board member motions.

–                      Jana Huffman moved to adopt the minutes with corrections, Sylvia

Radford seconded the motion.

Treasurer – Taras Karkoc

–                      There was a $17.00 charge for the printing of checks to Northeast Bank from the CPED account.

–                      Qwest was paid $52.13 out of the NRP fund.

–                      Kristi MacKay informed the board that the accounting paperwork

for the 2009 CPED fund was being finalized.  SAENA will now

receive $3000.00 for 2010, $1000.00 of which was unspent in 2009.

–                      Jeremy Wieland moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Sylvia Radford

seconded the motion.

Ryan Construction – Rick Collins

–                      Rick presented Ryan Construction’s proposal for the 807 Broadway Northeast / Minneapolis Public School Administrative Building.  This is one of three proposals that the School Board will be considering in the next few weeks.  It is the only one that will “re-use” the existing headquarters structure and remain in Northeast Minneapolis.

Meeting Adjourned:  8:30pm.

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