June 2010

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 28, 2010

Webster School Room 116

7:00 pm

In Attendance: Susan Burns, Sylvia Radford, Jeremy Wieland, Taras Karkoc, Jana Huffman, Kristi MacKay,  Diane Hofstede,  Tom Hoch, Claryese Nelson, Larry Ranollo, Stuart Alger, Doran Clark, Robert Thompson, Robin Russell, Diane Duan

President – Tom Hoch

–                      Meeting called to order at 7:04pm.

–                      Sylvia Radford made a motion to accept the April minutes.  Taras Karkoc seconded the motion. Motion carried, with one correction: Claryese Nelson made the motion to support the Northeast Farmer’s Market, not Susan Burns.

Treasurer’s Report – Taras Karkoc

–                      Taras read through the SAENA Year End Financial Report June 2009-June 2010.

–                      He will put together a summary of the informal audit conducted by Lurie Besikoff.

–                      Taras will also look into taxes on the park.

–                      Claryese Nelson made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Jeremy Weiland seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

The Moose on Monroe Proposed Bocce Ball Court – Stuart Alger

–                      Stuart Alger, attorney for Larry Ranollo presented information regarding the proposed bocce ball court.  There is an existing agreement between the City of Minneapolis Licensing Division and Larry with several stipulations:  there needs to be adequate lighting and fencing for the patio wall, the total number of players allowed at one time and the hours of operation need to be limited. Diane Hofstede presented a set of drawings with no need for variances.  Questions were raised regarding the use of music in the area and the noise that might occur by patrons of the games.

Diane Hofstede

–                      Diane presented information about the Northeast Annual Festival and Third Ward Summit.  She asked that people forward any local venues, and musicians to her office to make the celebration more festive.

–                      Diane presented information from the Third Ward Care Meeting.  Funding is still available for people to purchase homes.  She asked that any problem properties be reported and this information can be discussed at the next Care Meeting.  She suggested calling 311 or 911 to report problem businesses.

NCR – Doran Clark Robert Thompson

–                      Doran and Robert presented information about NRP Phase I and II.  There was also a brainstorming session of ways to allocate funding. Robert will write up a report with the suggestions given.

New Board Members

–                      Andrea Stelljes and Larry Ranollo will join Susan Burns, Sylvia Radford, Jana Huffman, Claryese Nelson and Taras Karkoc as Board Members for 2010-2011.

President’s Message – Tom Hoch

–                      Tom presented some thoughts on the successes of the past year.  These included:

–                      The Adams Street project:  (the 600 and 700 blocks)  which has made a big difference in terms of problems that were addressed by city inspections and citations given to homeowners and landlords.

–                      The Tree Trust has been doing a wonderful job taking care of the Community Commons Park.

–                      Jana Huffman has done excellent work on updating and maintaining the SAENA website.

–                      He thanked Diane Duan and Stacy Dunculovich for their work on the Ice Cream Social.

–                      The plant giveaway was very successful and well attended.

–                      SAENA completed it’s NRP Phase I report that was distributed to neighborhood residents.

–                      He suggested that stump removal, planting new trees and the ash bore problem should be looked at for NRP Phase II.

Policing Plan and Fall Carnival– Susan Burns

–                      Susan spoke briefly about the Policing Plan that she, Jana Huffman and

Nick Juarez worked on this year to improve crime prevention in the neighborhood.

–                      A fall carnival is in the works for October on Adams Street.  This will

include a costume/bike decorating parade, games and prizes.

Park Expenses – Jeremy Weiland

–                      Jeremy suggested SAENA purchase more garbage cans for the

Community Commons Park.  Susan Burns made a motion to approve

the purchase.  Sylvia Radford seconded the motion.  The motion was

carried.  The total amount will be $1,134.75.

Meeting Adjourned:  8:29pm

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