January 2012 Minutes

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Community and Board Meeting

January 23, 2012

Logan Park Rec. Center


Present: Andrew Williams, Mario Dabrowski, Elmer MacDonald, Donna Stutelberg, Henrietta Smith, Teresa Borchardt, James Smith, Taras Karkoc, Harry Greenberg, Susan Burns, Laura Taken, Sylvia Radford, Andrea Stelljes, Senator Kari Dziedzic, Bill Prince, Marcus (Need Last Name), Sean O’Neil, Larry Ranallo,


  1. Bill Prince gave details on the project. The projected price is $187,000. It is $157,000 after SAENA NRP Phase II contribution. The project estimate is 22 installed light poles on Madison St. NE from 3rd Ave to Broadway St NE, and on Spring St NE from Monroe St NE to Jefferson St NE. Marcus (Last Name) stated that the project covers 453,000 sq ft. The assessment for property owners is approximately $0.35 per sq ft of their property. Public Works will send out a Phase 2 petition with the property owner’s information and a “not-to-exceed” cost. 70% of the assessable area needs to approve the project through the Phase II petition for Public Works to install lighting. Bill Prince stated that the only two ways for property owners to document approval is to mail or fax the Phase 2 petition document. Mario Dabrowsi asked why Madison St NE was selected for more street lighting rather than Monroe St NE. He stated that there is more crime on Monroe St NE than on Madison St NE. Discussion took place regarding the selection process and NRP Phase II allocation process. Public Works will send out the petition within three weeks of the January 23rd meeting. Bill Prince stated that if the petition is approved, there is approximately a six month timeline before construction would start. Another community meeting to discuss the street lighting project will take place following the dissemination of the Phase 2 petition. The meeting will coincide with the St. Anthony East Community Meeting on February 27, 2012, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Sean O’Neil gave an update on the Community Participation Program. CPP funds in the 2012-2013 cycle are subject to NRP statutory requirements. The NCEC estimates that St. Anthony East will receive between $25,000 – $27,000 in the next funding cycle. A Neighborhood Priority Plan is required to receive funding. Discussion on how to use 2012-2013 funds will take place at the next St. Anthony East Community Meeting on February 27th, 2012.


  1. Laura Taken introduced Senator Kari Dziedzic. Senator Dziedzic will begin sending newsletters out to the neighborhoods within the next month.


  1. Taras Karkoc gave the Treasurer’s Report. He stated that he will consolidate SAENA’s checking accounts and will request the removal of bank service charges. He explained that the “Black Cat” purchase was for give away prizes at the 3rd Ward Neighborhood Fest. He stated that SAENA is current in its filing requirements with the Minnesota Secretary of State and Attorney General, and he will file the 990-N this month. Larry Ranallo moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report; Sylvia Radford seconded and the motion passed.


  1. Sean O’Neil reported on the park clean up project and an upcoming block club leader training. He stated that NRP Phase II funds were contracted to Tree Trust to clear debris, trim trees, and complete other park clean-up projects. Crime Prevention Specialist Nick Juarez will hold a Block Club Leader Training the first week of February for any interested residents in the St. Anthony East neighborhood. Kay Anderson introduced herself and Northeast Senior Services. She presented information on the services that NE Seniors provides, including rides, legal services, foot care clinics, and coffee outings. SAENA will include a link to their website on its own website, saenaminneapoli.wordpress.org.




Meeting Adjourned at 8:36



Respectfully Submitted ______________________________________________    Date  ___________


Board Signature ______________________________________________________    Date ____________



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