February 2012

St. Anthony East Community Meeting

Logan Park Rec. Center

Monday, February 27, 2012

7:00-8:30 p.m.

Present: Mark Peterson, Henry Pope, Marcus Thomas, Bill Prince, Andrew Kollar, Jeremy Wieland, Andrea Stelljes, Richard Juckel, Andy Williams, Donna Stutelberg, Marisa Sharpe, Sylvia Radford, Richard Gruba, Elisabeth Loeffler, Blain Muyres, Sean O’Neil, Gary Braley


President Jeremy Wieland welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Street Lighting Petition Update: Jeremy presented information on the status of the petition and asked for questions and comments from residents. Bill Prince from the Minneapolis Public Works Department and Marcus Thomas, a consultant for the City, were present to answer questions and summarize the petition process. The petitions were mailed to 92 property owners. Questions from the group included:


  1. Can we complete door knocking to encourage residents to return the petition by 3/5/12? Sean O’Neil will organize this effort.
  2. How does the assessment work? Can be spread out over 20 years.
  3. What about residents on a fixed income who may not be able to afford an assessment? Resident’s concerns about this issue were noted.
  4. Why was the lighting described only as “decorative” in the letter without an explanation about wanting to install lighting that would help increase safety? An explanation was given that this is “standard” language for this type of lighting and it’s the neighborhood association’s responsibility to provide an explanation of the goals of the project.


Updates from Council Member Diane Hofstede:


  1. Superior Plating Site Committee: A work group has been established to engage in planning for the development on the site. This is a Super Fund site so it involves federal and state agencies and funding for the clean-up. A developer is proposing a 600-unit apartment building on the land. NE neighborhoods will have input on the proposals being developed for the land.
  2. City Council recently approved funding for hiring additional police officers.
  3. “Aging in Place” is an initiative to help older residents stay in the community and is a pilot project funded by the City’s Community Engagement Office.
  4. An invitation was extended to all Third Ward residents to a “Thank You” event on March 6 at St. Maron’s Church.
  5. 35W noise wall project has been put on hold until analysis is done on the impact it will have on adjacent properties.


2012 Neighborhood Events:Discussion of Spring and Summer Events hosted by SAENA (exact times to be determined)


  1. Plant Give Away: Saturday, May 12 at The Moose on Monroe
  2. Ice Cream Social: Friday, June 8 (rain date Sunday, June 10)
  3. Joint Old Third Townhomes/Clare Housing Neighborhood Celebrationto mark the opening of the new Habitat for Humanity Homes: Mark Peterson, the Old Third Townhomes Project Manager, proposed a joint celebration dedicating the new homes after residents move in at the end of June (possible dates for neighborhood celebration: Saturday, July 14 or July 30th)
  4. Elisabeth Loeffler from Clare Housing announced that Journey Home Tours are available free for all of the Clare Housing residences.
  5. Jeremy Wieland mentioned that ideas for a neighborhood Fall Festival (Sept or Oct) are welcome. One possibility is to have a home-brew celebration for SAENA residents at our park on Summer St.


Meals on Wheels in NE and SE Mpls:Gary Braley from Northeast Dinner Bell gave an update and overview of this service available to seniors and others who may be home-bound. Residents are encouraged to spread the word to neighbors who may benefit from this meal delivery service.


Community Impact Statements: Residents were reminded to call 311 or 911 to report problems or crime in their neighborhoods. Community Impact Statement forms are available at http://www.minneapolismn.gov/attorney/cis/index.htm. These forms are used by many groups (police, probation officers, Council Members, Courts, etc.) to show the negative “impact” an individual offender or type of crime has on a community.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


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