August 2009

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 24, 2009

Webster School Room

7:00 pm

In Attendance: Tom Hoch, Susan Burns, Kristi MacKay, Jana Huffman, Clareyse Nelson, Sylvia Radford, Blaine Muyers, Inspector Bryan Shafer

President  – Tom Hoch

–          Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm

–          Following discussion, meeting minutes from June 2009 are adopted.

Treasury Update

–          In the absence of Treasurer Taras Karkoc, Kristi MacKay stated the bank balances from the July 31, 20009 statements:

–          Citizen Participation account :  $5.74

–          Community Commons Park account:  $14, 020.82.  Two checks were written from this account: Farmer’s Market $175.00 and Streiff Lawn Management  $1220.36.

–          NRP account:  $3,515.69

–          Special Events account:  $917.01

SAENA Officer Elections

–          Sylvia Radford  made a motion to nominate Clareyse Nelson to the position of secretary for the SAENA board.  Susan Burns seconded.  Motion carried.

–          Tom Hoch will remain president, Susan Burns will remain vice president and Taras Karkoc will remain treasurer

Dog Park and Butterfly/Prairie Garden

–          Discussion tabled until next meeting.

Third Ward Summit

–          A motion by Clareyse Nelson to sponser the Summit at the level of $500 was seconded by Sylvia Radford.  The funds will to taken from the NRP account.  SAENA will not man a booth at the event.

Inspector Shafer

–          2PAC meetings are the 2nd Monday of the month at Monroe Village across from the 2nd precinct at 1900 Central Avenue NE.  Inspector Shafer encouraged SAE residents to be involved in these meetings.  Susan Burns and Peter Radford will attend as able and report back to the board.

–          Crime is down in the 2nd precinct attributed to the focus of early intervention in juvenile crime, large amount of traffic stops and a stable team of police and probation officers.

–          Inspector Shafer suggested that a graffiti specialist should be added to a future SAENA meeting agenda.

Community Outcomes

–          The 600 and 700 blocks of Adams Street NE will be adopted as a clean up/beautification project.  Tom Hoch will do a photo document of problem properties.  Susan Burns will write down all of the addresses and contact Nick Juarez to determine which properties are rentals.  Sylvia Radford and Clareyse Nelson will do a visual check on all properties.  Jana Huffman will find out about foreclosed properties.

–          Sylvia Radford would like to see the Community Commons Park better maintained.

–          Landlords need to be responsible for keeping their properties up to code and improving the overall maintenance.  Renters also need to be aware of their rights.

–          Discussion about three positive outcomes for the neighborhood by the end of the year will be continued at the next SAENA meeting.

Farmer’s Market Booth

–          Jana Huffman thought it would be a good idea to set up a table at the market with a simple brochure containing some of the following information: ways to get involved in SAE, contact/email list, plant giveaway and ice cream social plans.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:32pm

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