April 2011

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Community and Board Meetings

Monday, April 25, 2011

Logan Park Recreation Center

7:00 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

Present: Susan Burns, Sylvia Radford, Andrea Stelljes, Sean O’Neil, Blaine Muyres, Donna Stutelberg, Larry Ranallo, Clareyse Nelson, Laura Taken, Kurt Holtze, Sarah Beggs, Richard Jucker

Vice President Susan Burns called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

Community Meeting Reports

  1. Introductions were made.
  1. Sarah Beggs gave a report on the 2011 NE Farmer’s Market. She announced that they are accepting EBT payments this year. She discussed the upcoming year’s special activities. Clareyse Nelson moved to accept a sponsorship donation to the NE Farmers Market for 2011; Sylvia Radford seconded and the motion passed.
  1. Sean O’Neil gave the CARE update. He reported on information regarding home foreclosures and the City’s programs and strategies to address the issue. Discussion took place on how SAENA can get information out to residents.
  1. Sean O’Neil gave the 2PAC update. He reported on the new 2nd Precinct Court Watch system that allows neighborhoods to track specific persons or crimes and provide community impact statements to judges. Discussion took place regarding a house in the neighborhood suspected of drug trafficking and how the community can address that concern.
  1.  Blaine Muyres provided information on the Hennepin County Medicine Collection event, Art-A-Whirl and Minneapolis Home Tour.

Board Meeting called to order at 7:52

  1. Minutes
  • Sylvia Radford moved to accept the Minutes; Larry Ranallo seconded and the motion passed.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Treasurer’s report was tabled for May meeting.
  1. Neighborhood Walks
  • Walks were set to be held each Tuesday at 6:30pm starting June 7th.
  1. Other Business
  • SAENA’s Annual Meeting was set to be held at Webster School on June 27th at 6:30pm.
  • Discussion took place on the Community Garden. Sylvia Radford explained the process of how garden plots are assigned and managed. She reported that there are currently five persons on the waiting list for a plot and that all five live outside the neighborhood.
  • Sean O’Neil agreed to organize the Plant Give Away.
  • Discussion took place on the status of the proposed dog park at Community Commons Park and possible fundraising efforts to help fund it.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:33 pm

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