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(No meeting held in May.)

June 2010 (Annual Meeting)

Annual Meeting: 6/2009-6/2010 Year End Treasurer’s Report

(No meeting held in July.)

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2011 Year End President’s Report

Annual Meeting: 6/2010-6/2011 Year End Treasurer’s Report

September 2011


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August (No minutes — special Clare Housing Tour in lieu of regular meeting)

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January 2013 (Not official minutes)


February 24th – Community Meeting (more info here)


March  24th – Board Meeting


April 28th – Community Meeting

May XX – Board Meeting


Monday, June 23, 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

Clare Apartments

President Jeremy Wieland called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. followed by introductions.

Board members in attendance: Jeremy Wieland, Colleen Espinosa, Nick Espinosa, Peter Radford, Andrea Stelljes, Larry Ranallo, Laura Taken-Holtze, Donna Stutelberg. Absent: Taras Karkos

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Jeremy Wieland explained the Treasurer’s Report and the four different accounts that the SAENA Treasurer maintains.
  1. Small Area Plan Update and Review: The final plan is going through the review process with staff from the City of Minneapolis before the full City Council votes on the plan. Below is a message sent via email regarding the public review period and the information needed to participate in the process:

St. Anthony East community stakeholders:

The St. Anthony East Neighborhood Small Area Plan is now available for a 45 day public comment period prior to the commencement of the City’s formal plan approval process through the Planning Commission and City Council. The comment period will extend from Monday, June 30 until Wednesday, August 13, 2014. All comments received during the public comment period will be incorporated in the public record and taken into consideration in editing the final draft of the plan.

The draft plan for public review is available on the City’s website for the plan at:  http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/cped/projects/StAnthonyEastPlan. Paper copies will also be available for review at City planning offices and the Pierre Bottineau Library.

In order to ensure they are included in the public record, written comments should be submitted to Haila Maze, via email or regular mail, at the contact information provided below. Comments should be sent no later than August 13.

Haila Maze, AICP, Principal City Planner

Minneapolis Department of Community Planning & Economic Development Planning Division

105 5th Avenue South, Room 200, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Phone: (612) 673-2098; Fax: (612) 673-2728


Thanks for helping to plan for the future of the St. Anthony East neighborhood. Please contact Haila if there are any questions.

  1. Community Commons Park Update: Treatment to prevent Emerald Ash Borer infestation has begun on the 34 ash trees in the park. The 3-yr treatment plan is being applied by Phil Jubert, a certified arborist. The playground equipment is being repaired.
  1. Webster School Update: Will re-open as a K-3 community school in Fall 2015. Expect construction for renovation to begin soon.
  1. Precinct Changes for Elections: 828 Spring St. NE will remain a polling place. City of Minneapolis decided to move the polling place for residents north of Summer Street to the Northeast Armory to relieve congestion at 828 Spring St NE on election day.
  2. Special Thanks to:
  • Laura Taken-Holtze for taking the lead and putting in months of work on the Small Area Plan and working with the consultants and Steering Committee
  • Taras Karkoc for diligently serving as Treasurer and fulfilling three consecutive terms on the Board.
  • Larry Ranallo for his generous donation of ice cream and use of The Moose on Monroe parking lot for plant give-away.
  • Jeremy Wieland for keeping things running in the absence of a neighborhood administrator.
  1. Questions and Comments from residents:
  • What is going on with vacant lot on corner of Van Buren and Spring St? Most likely sold as a residential lot.
  • Litter problem along Spring St. around Lush and Vegas especially on weekends. Bar owners will be contacted about the problem.
  • SAENA phone number needs to be answered and calls returned. Problem has been solved with the hiring of Abby Rowan as new Neighborhood Administrator.
  • Crime in neighborhood: safety measures were emphasized; security alarms on homes and motion sensor lights are encouraged.
  • Is affordable housing addressed in the Small Area Plan? Yes, it is part of the plan.
  1. St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association Board of Directors Election:
  • Four open slots for 2014-2016 term; one slot for 2014-2015 due to Laura Taken-Holtze’s resignation.
  • Taras Karkoc has served three consecutive two-year terms so must step down; Other terms ending in 2014: Andrea Stelljes, Colleen McKee Espinosa, Larry Ranallo
  • Laura Taken-Holtze is moving out of St. Anthony East which leaves a one-year opening on the Board; one member will be elected to fulfill a one-year term.
  • There were six nominees for Board: Larry Ranallo, Andrea Stelljes, Colleen McKee Espinosa, Josh Keller, Derek Griffith, Alana Espinosa
  • Decision was made that the four nominees with the highest number of votes will fill four slots (two year term); fifth highest will fill Laura’s term (one year)
  • New Board Members elected for 2014-2016: Derek Griffith, Larry Ranallo, Josh Keller, Alana Espinosa
  • Elected for 2014-2015 (to fulfill one year term due to Laura’s Taken-Holtze’s resignation): Andrea Stelljes
  • Election of officers will take place at the next Board meeting on Monday, July 28, 2014.

Following the Board elections, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m

Submitted by Andrea Stelljes, SAENA Secretary

Monday, July 28, 2014 Board Meeting

Community Meeting Minutes

8/25/2014 7pm

Clare House 929 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN

  1. Jacob Frey, Ward 3 City Council Member
    1. Housing update
      1. What makes the affordable housing better for upper/middle class people?
      2. Why is affordable housing important?
  • How can people be involved in making affordable housing happen?
  1. Jacob’s ideas: incentivizing affordable housing, structured parking, expedite review process for affordable housing builders
  1. Ride Share passed
  2. Vikings Stadium questions
    1. What are you doing about the birds dying because of the glass?
      1. City Council is not in favor of birds dying, but the Vikings ultimately make the deal with the contractors.
    2. Webster School
      1. Will families be forced to attend Webster? No.
      2. Currently 150-200 families on a list serve.
    3. Helicopters in downtown Minneapolis – why?
      1. One resident has a video he’d like to share with the council members
        1. Concerned about dropping/downloading weapons over the train tracks
      2. Department of Defense legally does not have to inform the city
  • Federal Government controls air space, but we can ask for notification
  1. Jacob Frey’s contact information : fre@minneapolismn.gov
  1. Nick Juarez, Minneapolis Police Department
    1. How to stay safe, refer to flyer handed out for details and safety numbers
    2. Garage Theft – old wooden panels broken, suggests reinforcing with wood
    3. Bike Patrol – bikers don’t stop at stop signs but aren’t pulled over, safety issues
      1. Why no tickets to bicyclists breaking laws?
        1. Lack of severity in crime, rather police by talking to first
      2. What are the safety guidelines/rules/laws for bikers and rollerbladers and skateboarders?
        1. Same as for bikes? Same as for pedestrians?
  • Phil & Kevin – Ashbore issues
    1. 35 trees, 100% treated and protected for 3 years
    2. 1st neighborhood in North Mpls to do this
    3. Healthy Bees, Healthy Lives campaign.
    4. Green X on trees = will be cut down
      1. If you want to save the tree, call Mpls, ask not to cut, call contractor/park board about who is authorized to treat the tree
    5. Minneapolis is slated to cut down 100% of the Ash trees in the next 8 years.
      1. No further comment due to political reasons.
    6. More information will be posted on the SAENA website and in future newsletters.


Board Meeting Minutes

September 2014 

Community Meeting Minutes

October /2014 

Board Meeting Minutes

November 2014 

Community Meeting Minutes

December 2014 

Board Meeting Minutes

January 2015

Community Meeting Minutes

February 2015

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 23, 2015

7pm at Clare House


Present:  Josh Keller, Donna Stutelberg, Peter Radford, Jeremy Wieland, Larry Ranallo, Andrea Stelljes

Guests:  Carol  Johnson, Michael Wilson


President Jeremy Wieland called meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.


November Board meeting minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Peter Radford made motion to approve January report. Andrea Stelljes seconded. Motion passed.


Items of Business:


Michael Wilson, a CPA from the City’s Neighborhood and Community Relations Department was present at the invitation of Donna Stutelberg, SAENA Treasurer.  Michael addressed many issues and questions regarding SAENA’s tax filing status, reports that need to be registered and filed, for example, the annual report for the Minnesota Attorney General and the IRS 990-N. Other business that may need attention: reconcile the fiscal year dates for SAENA, either calendar year or when board turns over in June; be aware of more frequent auditing of the association by the City; be aware of the contract status with the City and work toward understanding the process. Also, address questions like “What’s the best way to run this small organization and complete transactions?”


Note:  Language in Bylaws was added to Article VIII, sec. D on March 3, 2015: The SAENA fiscal year will be June 1 – May 31.


Continued discussion of Clear Channel billboard lease agreement as it relates to “unrelated business income”– is income unrelated to our tax exempt purpose? Michael will look into this and provide more information in a later correspondence.


Hillcrest Development Update: 807 Broadway under renovation; Uncle Franky’s property will be sold and developed with three establishments (coffee shop, restaurants)


Staff Administrator Position: Abby Rowan resigned as contractor at the end of January 2015; discussion about how to proceed with hiring. Larry Ranallo made motion to increase pay of Staff Administrator from $15.00 to $20.00/hour for a maximum of 20 hours/week. Peter Radford seconded. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Andrea Stelljes, SAENA Secretary


Board Meeting Minutes

March 2015

Update from St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association Community Meeting March 23, 2015

Dear Neighbors, a couple quick notes stemming from our last neighborhood meeting.

First, there will be a plant give away at the Moose on Monroe compliments of our neighborhood, Saturday morning, May 9th.

Our Parks Commission Liz Wielinski also wants to share some links with us.

If you have requests for St Anthony Park, where Webster school is located, specifically requests about opening the restrooms, please contact:

info@minneapolisparks.org and cc lwielinski@minneapolisparks.org

Tell them you want regular hours for the rest rooms, and whatever else strikes your fancy for St Anthony Park.

For those of you, and this should include all of us, there is a Facebook group for C.A.R.S. (a rail safety group) at  https://www.facebook.com/saferailstwincities?fref=nf

Check it out if you’re worried about Bakken oil trains running through our neighborhood.

Lastly, if there is a new tree planted in the boulevard in front of your house, you might be able to convert that into free beer. It’s a program that offers credits if you’re willing to help take care of the new trees that we’re planting throughout city to replace the ash trees.

http://www.brewingabetterforest.com/  Water a Tree, Beer for Free

Thank you all for being good neighbors.


President, SAENA

Community Meeting Minutes

April 2015

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