Board of Directors Meetings

About SAENA Board of Directors Meetings:

All SAENA meetings take place on the 4th Monday of the month. Each month SAENA hosts either a community meeting or a board meeting. Both are open to the public and everyone is welcome to join! However, board meetings only involve financial and organizational discussions, whereas community meetings are neighborhood-wide discussions on issues, projects, or initiatives that impact everyone.

Meetings are held at Clare Housing Apartments (929 Central Ave NE), starting @ 7:00 PM. Meetings are open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to attend!

The remaining 2015 SAENA Board of Directors Meeting Schedule is as follows:

  • May (no meeting currently scheduled)
  • June 22 – Community Meeting
  • July 24 – Board Meeting (Annual Board Elections)
  • August 24 – Community Meeting
  • September 28 – Board Meeting
  • October 26 – Community Meeting
  • November 23 – Board Meeting
  • December (no meeting currently scheduled)

One thought on “Board of Directors Meetings

  1. Mark Jensen


    I am part of a group of teachers trying to organize a new school focusing on the Arts in Northeast Minneapolis. I would like to present the idea of the school to the neighborhood and would like to get on the agenda for the next meeting (may 13th?). I would need about 10 minutes to speak, and then questions.

    Below is a brief description we have used to describe the school just FYI. I can send additional materials prior to the meeting if people want to review the information first.

    Thank you,

    Mark Jensen
    Educational Director, ALVA


    A group of Minneapolis teachers is proposing to start a new self-governed high school in the heart of the Arts District of Northeast Minneapolis. The school, ALVA, would offer every student a curriculum that is intensely focused on the visual and performing arts. During the school day, students would receive extended studio art classes, individualized instruction in the student’s chosen art, interdisciplinary academic classes that construct and build on the student’s sense of being an artist, and a coordinated advisory system that will address the individual social needs of each student. Students would use the ALVA curriculum structure to earn the academic credits and meet all the graduation standards needed to attend their choice of post-secondary institutions. ALVA is unique because it is neither an “academy” which culls only the best students through auditions, nor is it a traditional school which limits its art instruction to a small portion of the day as a supplement to the academic classes. We have the intensity of a true Arts school, while offering our curriculum to all students.

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