About St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association (SAENA) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to building relationships with community members and empowering them to invest and engage with their neighborhood.

The primary source of funding is through the City of Minneapolis’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program and Community Participation Program. As such, SAENA strives to represent the neighborhood’s needs through outreach such as mailings, door knocking, and holding public meetings. SAENA encourages resident involvement in every aspect of what we do.

St. Anthony East has a variety of stakeholders including Webster Elementary, small businesses, non-profits, the Islamic Community of Bosniaks in Minnesota mosque, and public housing. It is the home of two beautiful green spaces, St. Anthony Park and Community Commons Park. St. Anthony East has a community garden called Summer Street Garden. St. Anthony East is the second smallest, yet ever thriving neighborhood in Minneapolis with close to 1,100 households.

St. Anthony East is located in northeast Minneapolis. The neighborhood extends from Broadway Street NE on the northern border to Central Avenue NE on the east and southeast, Second Avenue NE on the south, and then Fifth and Washington streets NE on the west.

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SAENA Board of Directors meeting minutes can be found here, and the agendas for those meetings can be found here.

SAENA Park Committee (which oversees Community Commons Park) meeting notes can be found here, and the agendas for those meetings can be found here.

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