Board of Directors

St. Anthony East Board of Directors

  • Chris Jones, President
  • Nichelle Bottko, Treasurer
  • Leah Foreman Weninger, Secretary
  • Jenny Ackerson, Director
  • Aaron Hanson, Director
  • Larry Jones, Director
  • Sylvia Radford, Director
  • Scott Raw, Director
  • Sue Xiong, Director

SAENA’s Board of Directors is governed by up to 9 elected board members who live, represent a business, or own property in the neighborhood. Board and community meetings are held monthly on the 4th Monday of every month starting at 7pm and are open to the public.

Board of Director members are energetic, strategically-minded leaders to help SAENA and our neighborhoods thrive. Requirements and duties of a Director:

  • Two-year term
  • Residents of St. Anthony East, representatives from neighborhood businesses, and owners of property within St. Anthony East
  • Attend monthly board and community meetings on the 4th Monday of every month starting at 7pm
  • Serve on a committee and volunteer for community events
  • Total time commitment per month is about 6 hours

St. Anthony East Staff Members

  • Christina Perfetti, Executive Director
  • Caleigh Souhan, Outreach Program Coordinator

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