Hall’s Island: It’s for the Birds!

A broad-winged hawk perched on a lamp post above the MWMO parking lot. Credit to MWMO.

You might spot a new spot of land on the Mississippi River this summer! The Midwest Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) has been hard at work reconstructing Hall’s Island in order to create a brand-new habitat for birds, turtles, mussels, fish, aquatic mammals, pollinators and more.

The island was previously owned by a lumber company, which had paved over the entire island site for industrial use. The MWMO has rebuilt the island to feature “a diverse array of habitat, including floodplain forest, various types of prairie, and a sandy beach safe (mostly) from human interference. Rock ledges, basking logs, native plants and trees will provide a welcoming refuge for a variety of animals.”

Click here to learn more about all the work that’s going into this ambitious project–from excavating 32,000 tons of soil to bank restoration to planning a pedestrian walkway. We’re excited to bike down to the river soon to check out the project!

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