Call to Action- 750/754/756 Jackson Update

Blue Golds Ventures and DJR Architecture, Inc. have proposed development of the 750, 754, and 756 Jackson site, including moving the alleyway.  Their proposal for the site is a project that will replace the current 1-1/2 story house with a 4 story residential building. The new building would consist of 3 “live-work” units and 13- 1 and 2 bedroom residential units. The surface parking lot would provide parking for 6 cars and 8 bicycles. The details on the plan can be found here: 750, 754, 756 Land Use App.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 3.59.49 PM

The 750, 754, 756 Jackson Development proposal application is scheduled to be reviewed by the Planning Commission on Monday, April 9 at 4:30pm in Room 317 City Hall, 350 S. St. Minneapolis and open to the public. The application is PLAN5912 and VAC1696. In additional to the regular site plan review, the developers are asking for many variances. They are as follows:

  • Rezoning of 750, 754, 756 Jackson St NE from R2B Two-Family District to OR1 Neighborhood Office Residence District
  • Conditional use permit to increase the maximum height of the proposed structure
  • Variance to reduce the front yard setback along Jackson St NE
  • Variance to reduce the minimum drive aisle width
  • Alley vacation and dedication

The Zoning and Planning Committee will then meet on Thursday, May 3, which is also a public meeting.  Finally, City Council will vote on the proposal on Friday, May 11.

If you have concerns regarding this development and want your voice heard or have questions regarding the application, please contact the following people before the public hearing on April 9th:
Shanna Sether (City Planner) –
David Zaffrann (Steve Fletcher’s Office) –
Laura Dorle (Steve Fletcher’s Office) –
Steve Fletcher (Ward 3 City Council) –

Your participation in this process is essential in order to ensure that the City understands the perspectives of neighbors.  Even sending a quick email does matter in this process.

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