Free Homebuyers Class

June is National Homeownership Month and to celebrate, Umoja and our partners at the Minnesota Homeownership Center are offering free homebuyer education to potential homebuyers and fun giveaways throughout the month.

 UCDC will offer our award-winning Home Stretch workshop for free on July 17 9AM – 5PM. HomeStretch is an eight-hour homebuyer workshop that covers all of the essential steps that buyers should take in order to realize their dream of homeownership – and how to avoid scams and dangerous products that are slowly returning to Minnesota.

We know secure homeownership is the key to creating vibrant communities. Successful homeownership takes smart choices relies on solid information. Nothing supports successful homeownership better than education.

UCDC is working hard to make sure everyone who wants to own a home has opportunities to learn about the process from professional, experienced and unbiased sources – whether in-person classes or personal counseling sessions – so that they can make smart choices about their homeownership options.  This June Homeownership Month, you can help us spread the word about out FREE homebuyer workshop to empower a new generation of homebuyers to make smart choices.

Register here:

For more information about HomeStretch, or Homebuyer Counseling and to hear about the giveaways we’ll be doing this month, connect with us on Facebook or check out our website!

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