Vehicle Theft Prevention Announcement!

Here comes the cold, tempting us to warm our vehicles

Help us prevent auto thefts this season!

During the colder months, car thieves take advantage of residents who leave their cars running unattended. The temptation to start the car and let it warm up while you stay inside, or leaving it running while doing a short errand, could be a costly mistake! Even if you lock the car, it only takes seconds to break a window or jimmy a door lock.

Did you know?

It’s against City ordinance to leave your key in the ignition while you are not in your car

(Minneapolis City Ordinance 478.160, Open ignition-a petty misdemeanor).

Officers may issue tickets to any cars that are running with no driver present. In fact, if your car is reported stolen and your keys are in it, you may also get a ticket. $$ The Cost of Auto Theft $$

Even if you aren’t ticketed for open ignition, if your vehicle is stolen and later recovered, it will likely be towed to the Impound Lot. You will have to pay to retrieve your vehicle, and fees accrue by the day. If you don’t retrieve your vehicle in 15 days, it could be sold at police auction. More info: and

Please be aware, if your vehicle is towed the fees can reach over $100.

! What to do if your vehicle is stolen !

If your vehicle is stolen, call 911.

If you see your vehicle being driven by someone else, call 911.

If you find your vehicle parked somewhere, it’s very important you call 911 to report the vehicle is recovered.

If you recover your vehicle and don’t call 911, you could be mistaken as the car thief if officers see you driving it around.

What about remote starters?

Remote starters are legal to use and do not violate the open ignition ordinance, however they can still provide some temptation to a car thief. If the car is running unattended, thieves may still attempt to break into the vehicle.

Running your car to keep it warm may leave you in the cold!

Please help us reduce this winter crime.

For more information, visit


For questions, contact:

Nick Juarez, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, 2nd Precinct
(612) 673-2797

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