October 2016 Meeting Minutes

SAENA October Community Meeting

Monday, October 24, 2016, Clare Housing

Agenda Item



Convene & Negotiate Agenda


2 mins.

Convene 7:05


(Jeremy, Christina)

10 mins.

22 participants represented households throughout the neighborhood

Review of Park History and Current Status

(Jeremy, Dave, Sylvia, Sindee)

15 mins.

SAENA has owned the park since 2003. It was acquired after the Presbyterian church in the neighborhood closed. SAENA has done some improvements to the land, such as installing playground equipment and began a community garden. SAENA is now hoping residents can give their feedback on where they’d like to see improvements.

Idea Share


40 mins.

Four small groups discussed their visions for the park. Notes recorded and can be accessed upon request.

Fundraising Effort


10 mins.

Treasurer, Sindee Hauser, explained current finances of the park. She also explained ways the neighborhood can get matching grants.

Community Commons Park Committee – Volunteer Opp.

(Sindee, Dave)

10 mins.

Present attendees were asked to join the Committee. About 10 people volunteered and will be meeting as a committee at a later date.

Final Thoughts

5 mins.




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