September Board Meeting Minutes

SAENA September Board Meeting

Monday, September 26 2016, Clare Housing

Agenda Item



Convene & Negotiate Agenda

2 mins.

Jeremy Convened 7:10pm

MPD Crime Report

10 mins.

No police presence tonight

NE Tree

Assessment of Park Trees

20 mins.

George from NE Tree came to talk through the estimate of services for Community Commons Park.

Treasurer Report

5 mins.

Sindee gave treasurer report and outlined park expenses.

Park Conversation, Community Meeting Planning

30 mins.

Board did not vote on how to proceed, will vote in time for action in the spring.

Jack Whitehurst for board survey

10 mins.

Jack distributed board surveys. Christina will send in paper copies after meeting.

CPP Funding Renewal

15 mins.

Christina explained what SAENA is missing in policies and procedures and will email templates to board

Door knocking strategy and sign- up

15 mins.

Board members signed up for door knocking to invite residents to Oct. meeting. Board approved printing materials for door knocking and sending out a postcard in the mail.

Storage space/clean out

10 mins.

Board members decided on Sun, Oct. 16 to sort through files. Sindee, Dave, and Christina will retrieve files from Spring Manor


Move to adjourn, Jeremy. Second, Sylvia. 8:45pm

One thought on “September Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Juarez, Nicholas J.

    When is the neighborhood Association going door knocking?

    Depending on the day and time could the 2nd Precinct join you?


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