July 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

SAENA July Board Meeting

Monday, July 25, 2016

Clare Housing

Agenda Item Time Notes
Negotiate the agenda 2 mins. Convene 7:05pm
MPD Crime Report 10 mins. No new issues, crime statistics for this year are lower than last year
Officer Elections 10 mins. -Jeremy Wieland voted in as President

-Dave Hauser voted in as VP

-Sindee Hauser voted in as Treasurer

-Sylvia Radford voted in as Secretary

Outreach Committee

-recruiting POC board members

10 mins. Clareyse and Sylvia volunteered for this committee
Fundraising Committee

-fundraiser for the park Fall 2016

10 mins. Dave and Sindee volunteered for this committee
Safety Committee

-street lights

10 mins. Chris and Jeremy volunteered for this committee
CPP Report Review 10 mins. Some changes were made to the report.  Once those are given to Jack Whitehurst, the board approves the report.  Jeremy moved and Clareyse seconded.
Changing meeting venue 10 mins. For now, continue at Clare but opt for signage about meeting and put a greeter at the door to let people in.  Hoping to move meetings to Webster starting in October.
Board training items 10 mins. Board wants to proceed with training by Willow Consulting but will review training materials given by City.  Christina will work with Brigid Reilly further on workshop options.  Training will happen on a Wednesday in October.  Dave moved , Clareyse second.
Neighborhood Coordinator hours increase and office space 15 mins. Christina requested an increase in hours from 20 to 30 a week.  Sylvia moved and Jeremy seconded.  Jeremy will update Christina’s contract and add a time for performance review to the contract.

Dave moved, Chris seconded.

Christina also requested a consideration of office space in COCO, a co-working office space in 1400 Van Buren.  The space would include a designated desk and a printer for $500 a month.  We will do a 6 month commitment and then reassess how it is working for SAENA.  

Sylvia moved, Dave seconded.

Upcoming newsletter items Intro to new board members, intro to new office space, city cutting ash trees in the neighborhood down, ask to neighbors about logo, neighborhood survey announcement
Next community meeting Biking in Minneapolis, NE specifically
SAENA phone Considering options to move from a landline (voicemail only) to a SAENA cell phone.  Christina will research options.  

Dave moves to pick a phone plan if it’s under the amount we are already spending.  Chris seconds.

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