Water Wednesday: What You Can Do for Pollinators


June 8 at 6:00 pm7:30 pm

Join us for the first in a three part Water Wednesday series! Heather Holm will present “What You Can Do For Pollinators: Creating a Pollinator Friendly Garden Habitat.” You will learn about the types of native pollinators that visit our gardens and how we can foster all parts of their life cycles, including providing food, water and nesting habitat. The top native plant species for pollinators will also be discussed.

Please RSVP to contacts@mwmo.org or 612-465-8780.

Author of Pollinators of Native Plants, Heather Holm owns a Minnetonka-based landscape design and consulting firm specializing in pollinator landscapes and native landscape restorations. She is currently working with the University of Minnesota Extension faculty on a three-year study to determine the types of native bees that visit cultivated blueberries in Minnesota. The study also includes developing customized forage plantings for the native bees identified, and providing additional or enhancing existing nesting sites within the farms. Heather is an environmental educator and frequent presenter at conferences in the Midwest and Northeast. She writes for Houzz, a social media website, about pollinators, beneficial insects and native plants.

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