2nd Precinct Crime Update

St. Anthony East Neighborhood

Year to date 2016 as of 4/25/2016


sae - 4-25-16.jpg

Part 1 Crime                      2016                  Compared to 2015

Homicide                            0                         no change

Rape                                   1                         +1

  • Domestic related

Robbery                              1                         no change

  • Hispanic victim (ongoing trend in 2nd Precinct)

Agg Assault                        4                         +2

  • Domestic related or parties knew each other

Burglary                              2                         -12

Larceny                               8                         +1

Auto theft                            2                         +1

Arson                                   0                         no change

Total                           18                 -7/-39%        

Be aware of phone scams – the 2nd Precinct is seeing numerous phone scams going on in the Precinct – calls claiming to be from the IRS (verifying your information or collecting a debt) the Sherriff or local police department (pay money or you will be arrested on an outstanding warrant) and grandson/daughter has been arrested in foreign country and need bail money

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