November Board Meeting Minutes

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Monday, November 23, 2015 7pm

Clare House


Jeremy, Dave, Sylvia, Donna, Josh, Christina (Guests: Jacob Frey, Liz Wielinski)



1. Approve Minutes from September- Christina

Everything seemed to be in order, except the motion to approve Larry’s request for $1,500 for bike racks was not noted in September’s minutes.  Donna motioned to amend September’s minutes.

ACTION: Christina will amend minutes from September

2. Treasurer’s Report- Donna

SAENA is still receiving a monthly check from Clear Channel for the billboard.

Donna has been working with the city and attempting to close out the NPR Phase II account- but is waiting on an invoice from Larry on the bike racks.

The CPP account was replenished with about $7,000

NE Bank charged SAENA a fee, but Donna had them reverse it since SAENA is normally except from the banking fee

Randy’s invoices from 2013- $900 owed for train fix according to the invoice.  There is still a discrepancy about how much is owed

ACTION: Jeremy will follow up with Randy

3. Park Board Commissioner Liz Wielinski speaks about proposed tax increase

The board has found that neighborhood parks have been neglected and the funding source is poor, but have many amenities that need to be maintained or updated

The board is attempting to find a founding source to close the “gap”

They are currently seeking a referendum and have been using net-debt bonding as their current funding source

The board board needs to collect $14 million dollars a year, for an estimated 20 years to catch up.  That’s $60 a year per household

A proper example: in the past five years 5,000-8,000 trees have been planted each year.  Now, they need to be maintained to ensure growth and sustainability

Discussed future service area master plans and green space collections- NE & SE Minneapolis will be during 2017

There is an increased need for soccer fields and improvements to golf courses.  There is a plan to remove many of the baseball fields in parks that go unused.

More information on the Minneapolis Park Board’s Superintendent’s Proposed 2016 Budget is located here!

To see the Park Capital Funding Snapshot 2000-2040, go here!

4. Jacob Frey gives update about 4th Precinct 

4th precinct protest is peaceful for the most part

Betsy Hodges is in charge of MPD and the actions taken by it

5.SAE Business Bike Rack Offer

SAENA will offer $1,500 or up to 50% of the expenses to install bicycle racks close to the Monroe/Spring business corridor.  Moose on Monroe’s funding has already been approved by the board.  Now, Spring Street Tavern and Gopher Liquors will be invited to apply for funding.

If there are funds remaining, other businesses in the neighborhood will be eligible.

ACTION: Christina will create an application for businesses to fill out, expressing interest no later than January 31.  It will include: potential total cost, why the business wants the bike racks, and when would the project be completed?

6. Newsletter Ideas

Ideas for residents on how to clean up after dogs

Reminder to keep side walks clear of snow and to not park in front of sidewalk entrances

Plug for community garden plots

ACTION: Christina and Sylvia will discuss community garden plug

7. Outreach Update- Christina

January community meeting and speakers- Eastside NS, Prepare + Prosper

Door knocking initiative with assistance from board members- Jeremy, Josh, and Sylvia volunteered

Outreach to Ecuadorian residents by way of church visits on Sunday

NE Neighborhood Coalition meeting- specifically focused on renter’s rights and tenant legal workshops. Next one in February.  SAENA is willing to contribute Christina’s time to go to meetings and do outreach for the event in SAE.


Jeremy moved

Donna second

Adjourned 8:30pm

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