September Board Meeting Minutes

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Monday, September 28 2015 7pm

Clare House


Jeremy, Dave, Sylvia, Donna, Josh, Alanna, Larry, Renee, and Christina



1. Open position of Secretary

Position description: maintain board lists, take accurate notes at meetings, track term limits

No volunteers or nominations

Remains open

2. Treasurer’s Report

Paid property tax on park

Filed Attorney General report

3. Administrative Contractor update

Christina Perfetti

Title: Neighborhood Coordinator

4. Home Loans Discussion

GMHC- $82,000 available in rolling loan account at 3%

Suzanne Snyder, home loan city rep

ACTION: Dave will investigate further

5. Street Lights on Monroe & 7th

Location of lights will be Broadway to Monroe bridge

Will pursue

ACTION: Put on community meeting agenda

6. City Façade Program

Requests for proposals

Mural in park

Will pursue

MOTION: SAENA vet “Great Streets” program, review feasibility, present proposal next meeting by Christina

Josh moved, Alanna second, unanimously passed

ACTION: Must apply by October 31st

7. Additional Priority Interests

Larry spoke about bike racks at Spring & Monroe

Board motioned to grant $1,500 to Larry for bike racks

ACTION: Donna will research creating matching fund, will resolve in next 30 days

8. Other

Clear Channel billboard being paid month-to-month, have enough for next years taxes

Board agrees that we will make no changes until we get notice from them (3 or 4 months)

Next meeting Monday, October 26 about composting

ACTION: Christina will coordinate workshop facilitator


Alanna moved

Dave second

Adjourned 8:18pm

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