Breakfast with a Preservationist event at Mill City Museum

Drop in for an interesting conversation about how to use the new City Ordinance permitting Accessory Dwelling Units to create some economic viability. It may be particularly relevant in older neighborhoods like St Anthony East.

Preserve Minneapolis presents:

Breakfast With a Preservationist: Can Accessory Dwelling Units Make Minneapolis Preservation More Economically Viable?

Wednesday, June 24, 8 – 9 am

Mill City Museum, 704 Second Street South, Mill Commons

Sometimes houses of historic value are demolished as the result of an economic calculation. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) could change that calculation in favor of retaining existing homes. This type of infill construction can add density to a neighborhood while retaining the historic character and sense of place. Accessory Dwelling Units will be the topic of the June Breakfast with a Preservationist. Shanna Sether, Senior City Planner for the Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development department, and Bill Lindeke, urban observer and contributor to Streets.MN, will present various aspects of ADU’s, describing the new ADU ordinance, and how these dwellings will add to neighborhood and city vitality by increasing the number of people with access through walking and bicycling to retail, service and other destinations. The program begins at 8 am. Typical presentations take 40 minutes, which always transition into very thoughtful questions by audience members. The event ends promptly at 9 am. Parking is available on Second Street (meters) or in a parking ramp across the street. Please bring a contribution for the coffee and bakery goodies. For information about Preserve Minneapolis and its events:

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