Volunteer opportunity with Meals on Wheels – Drivers needed!

Contact Eileen Hafften if you would be interested in providing Meals on Wheels with driver support in late June through July

We have completed the volunteer driver calendar for July and we have a few dates when help is needed. We also have a couple of dates yet in June.  Please review the dates below and let me know as soon as possible if you are able to help out.  Thank you and have a good weekend.

Northeast June: 
1 Weds June 24th
1 Mon June 29th
Northeast July
4 Weds July 1st
4 Thurs July 9th
2 Monday July 13th
2 Tuesday July 14th
4 Wednesday July 15th
2 Weds July 22nd
3 Friday July 24th
Southeast July 1 person each day route 12
1 Weds July 15th
1 Fri July 17th
1 Weds July 22nd
1 Thurs July 23rd
1 Fri July 31st
Eileen Hafften
Eastside Meals on Wheels
1510 33rd Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN. 55418
phone (main) 612-277-2529
fax 612-277-2531
web: eastsidemeals.org

(direct) 612-277-2528

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