Northeast Park Recreation Building project update

Administrator’s note: Of course this is a bit beyond SAENA’s immediate boundaries, but NE Park has a lot to offer NE residents (SAENA included) and thus you may take interest in the proposed changes MPRB has engaged at this facility. In that spirit, links to the project page and contact info for the project’s managers appear below.

Northeast Community Members,

The Park Board is moving ahead with Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and Board approved concept for the Northeast Park Recreation Building.  Below is a brief summary of the project activity that has happened since the concept for the recreation building was approved by the MPRB Board in February, 2015.

While planning the first two phases of improvements for the park, field/trail improvements and a new recreation building, MPRB encountered project costs that exceeded the budgets for both projects.  Based on community input, MPRB staff recommended re-allocating $400k in Capital Levy funding from the sports fields to the new building.  The two softball fields scheduled to be constructed this fall will be placed on the hold, and the remaining funding for the fields will be put toward general site improvements on the east side of Fillmore Street.   The increased budget for the recreation building will allow MPRB to move forward with the concept approved by the CAC and the Board of Commissioners in February, 2015.

See the approved building concept, full memo regarding the current plan to move forward (check the What’s New tab), and other project information on the project webpage.

We are not sure yet how the construction schedule will be impacted, but will keep you posted.  We plan to start construction in the fall of 2015 or the spring of 2016.

Please contact project manager Dana Murdoch (, 612-230-6446) or me with any questions.

Thank you,

Kate Lamers, PLA, LEED AP

Design Project Manager

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board | Planning Division

2117 West River Road N | Minneapolis, MN 55411

(Office) 612-230-6486     (Cell) 612-499-0260

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