Downtown East Commons Design Concept unveiled 5/27 at Central Library

Although not technically in the neighborhood, this is in Council Ward 3 and therefore may be relevant to readers of this exciting blog.

Join us Wednesday, May 27 to view the concept design for the Downtown East Commons

On Wednesday, May 27, 2015, the City of Minneapolis will host a public meeting at the Minneapolis Central Library to view the concept design for the Downtown East Commons.

The concept design will be presented by Hargreaves Associates, the nationally and internationally recognized landscape architecture firm the City hired to design the project. The concept design incorporates feedback the Hargreaves team received during public meetings that took place on February 24 and April 8, 2015, as well as through over 2,750 surveys completed at those meetings and online.

Following the presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to talk with design and City team members to ask questions and share comments. The team will use this feedback to further develop the design.  The City plans to hold a public meeting to present design progress later this summer.  For more details on the Downtown East Commons project visit the project website.

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