Announcing New Neighborhood Administrator


My name is Robert Clarksen. I recently accepted a position as the Neighborhood Administrator for the St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association (SAENA). I started working on May 9th by attending the Plant giveaway at Moose on Monroe, which was my first opportunity to meet residents from the neighborhood. I come to this position after working in City government for Minneapolis for over 10 years, where I was a City Planner in CPED. I am happy to be in this position because I am looking forward to be an advocate for the community.

In the future, you should be able to check here for updates as to events in St. Anthony East. I am your resource for concerns you have about the quality of life in the neighborhood, community meetings and important events, local elections, working with the City and City officials, or when you need assistance with funds to complete that remodeling project on your home or rental property (Yes, SAENA has money available for you!). My experience working with the City means I may have some insight as to the organization, and I would be happy to be your resource on those construction projects. If there is something I cant figure out on your behalf, I will do my best to put you in touch with someone who can.  I’m also the contact for any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions you have about St. Anthony East as your local neighborhood organization.

You will continue to see blog posts relaying important initiatives in the neighborhood as well as the broader Northeast sector on the SAENA website.  Additionally, we will employ other strategies including facebook, email notifications, old-fashioned flyering and postcards, and face to face interaction to engage community members. I intend to doorknock in June and connect with as many residents as possible.  In that regard, I look forward to our next interactions!

The next Neighborhood Board meeting will take place on Monday June 22, 2015 at 7 PM, at Clare Apartments – 929 Central Avenue. Please watch the website (link) for an agenda for the meeting – which is a Community Meeting. We are anticipating a guest speaker  with a special presentation related to transit improvements along Central Avenue and hope that you will be a part of the discussion, so please join us.

Take Care,


Robert Clarksen

St  Anthony East

Neighborhood Administrator

612 / 331 6514

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