SAENA meeting Monday, April 27 with Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Higgins

Dear Neighbors, typically our April 27, 7pm meeting at Clare House would be a Board meeting. Open to the public, but rather dull. Monday night is an exception. Our Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Higgins has volunteered to come at 7pm and open our meeting with an update on the County’s actions regarding a proposed increase of oil train freight through our neighborhood.

Hennepin County is taking bold steps and our Commissioner is taking a Monday night to spend with us.
After the rail update we’ll convene our more traditional board meeting.
Northeast Ride Proposal with Nancy Przymus or designate
Minutes from February meeting
Treasurer’s report
Update on impending Clear Channel contract expiration
SAENA staff recruiting update
Left over NRP revenue options
Mind all comers, we’ll be juggling items on the agenda and potentially tabling some given time restraints.
Have a good weekend.
Jeremy Wieland
President, SAENA

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