March 2015 Community Meeting

Monday, March 23rd, 7pm at Clare House, Central Avenue between Spring and 3rd we’re hosting our Community Meeting. Everyone is welcome, and we’ll start at 7 so everyone can get home. Topics of conversation include:

Council Member Jacob Frey

Hillcrest Development proposal for Broadway

Our Parks, including the opening of our Community Gardens

May Plant Give Away

Love St Anthony proposal with Stephanie Williams.

Hope to see you Monday night

One thought on “March 2015 Community Meeting

  1. Hi SAENA,
    There is a bill going through the MN Legislature that would make it so that the railroads can’t eminent-domain back the land that the county just bought to block the railroads from connecting and sending oil down the tracks that form the southern boundary of our neighborhood.

    It is at and its status is at

    Today it went to the taxes committee – if neighbors can call and/or write the members of that committee urging them to pass it, that would be great for us!


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