Educational Series – Juvenile Justice System in Hennepin County

How the Juvenile Justice System works in Hennepin County

Minneapolis Police Department – 4th Precinct
1925 Plymouth Ave. N.

Last year, Court Watch hosted an educational series on the Criminal Justice System that was very well attended and well received. This year, we’re continuing the series with a special emphasis on Juvenile Justice. If you’ve ever wondered how and why the Juvenile Justice System operates the way it does, this series is for you.

Juvenile crime is an important and serious issue in many of our communities. Juvenile crime is treated differently from the crimes of adults in many respects, and these differences often lead to confusion and questions among the public. This series of forums was put together to address many of those questions.

The first meeting in the series is next Wednesday, October 22nd. See below for details on time and place. It deals with how juveniles become involved in the system, from arrest and detention to possible charging. We will discuss what police officers can and cannot do with respect to juveniles, the criteria that have to be met before a child can be detained, and how the County Attorney approaches the charging and handling of juvenile cases.

The second session, scheduled for Wednesday, November 5th. It will focus primarily on Juvenile Court. Representatives from the bench will be there to discuss how the juvenile process differs from adult courts, what their role in the process is, and how the many things that they consider in making their decisions We will also discuss when and why a juvenile might be tried as an adult.

The third and final session in the series will be held on Wednesday, Ocotober 19th. It will focus on outcomes and what happens when a child is adjudicated delinquent. Options from probation to out of home placement will be discussed. We will also discuss the various programs available for re-directing children onto the proper path.

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