Mayor’s Police Accountability Plan

From our Mayor Betsy Hodges’ Facebook:

Chief Janee Harteau announced that she will have a special meeting with her Chief’s Advisory Council this week to seek their input and discuss how best to proceed together as a community following the events of last week. I think that is the right decision and I look forward to hearing the Advisory Council’s thoughts and recommendations. People need to be and feel safe in every neighborhood in the city – that means safe from crime and safe while interacting with Minneapolis Police officers, too. It is why the daily hard work of our police department and our officers is so crucial. It is also why it is important that we build more trust between the community and the police, which includes creating daily opportunities to build relationships between officers and residents, making sure that the department looks like the communities it serves, and holding officers accountable for their behavior. I released my accountability platform a year ago – based on months of conversations with the community that have continued to this day – and have been proceeding with it as mayor in partnership with the Chief and with the community. The dollars I put in the budget for body cams, CSO classes, and community policing are crucial pieces of the plan. It is more than that, though, and you can take a look here:

I look forward to hearing from the Chief and her Advisory Council about what they think makes sense moving forward. Until then, the commitment remains and the work continues.

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