What’s happening to our trees?

If you have questions about what’s happening with the ash and/or elm trees around Minneapolis (maybe even in your own yard), here’s some information to hopefully answer your questions.
  Just about everything to do with Boulevard Trees is on our Forestry Page of the website  http://www.minneapolisparks.org/default.asp?PageID=28  if you go down the column on the left there is a section on just about everything.  If you are still confused the Forestry foreman for the Eastside is Gary Myhre <GMyhre@minneapolisparks.org>.

  Gary is great about getting his crews to problem areas in NE after storms or if a random branch breaks off into the street etc…

  The inspectors, who are permitted to go on private property, mark the trees that will be removed each season.  We are trying to pick the ash trees that are the weakest as we go through our 8 year removal plan.  If there are trees the neighborhood wants to save by treating ( which defers when they come down, but in reality all ash are doomed) you would need to work with an accredited tree service, which we have listed on one of the pages.  The same goes for Elm.  These companies keep the MPRB informed of continuing treatment so that we don’t cut down trees that are being treated.

  All trees on private property can be inspected and marked by the MPRB as the city forestry dept.  However, if you wish to have a private tree contractor other than one of the ones the MPRB/City hires to removed diseased trees, make sure to let the MPRB know ASAP about the private contractors, or the teams of outside guys will be there and the tree will be down with no recourse except to pay the bill.  The advantage to using the contractors through the MPRB/City is the cost can be added to the property tax bill and paid over a few years VS. right when the tree comes down.

If you have any further questions, I encourage you to contact
Liz Wielinski
President & Commissioner District 1
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
612-230-6443, Ext. 1
2117 West River Road
Minneapolis,MN 55411

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