Brag About Our Neighborhood – Message from Mayor Betsy Hodges

Here’s a message from the office of our mayor, Betsy Hodges:

As many of you may know, during her State of the City address, Mayor Betsy Hodges said “we can’t afford to be modest.” She announced that July 14-20 would be “The Best Week of Bragging About Minneapolis Ever.”

This week will include daily proclamations that round up reasons we should brag; a scavenger hunt that encourages residents to enjoy and participate in those reasons to brag; activities people can join the mayor in doing; events to attend; raising up how great our city is through news and social media; and much more.

We know that our neighborhoods are some of the best things about our city and want to know what you think makes your neighborhood so wonderful.

Minneapolis has a lot to brag about. From the best park system in the country, to a thriving city with arts, food and entertainment. But we want to know what YOU think we should brag about. Make suggestions to us about what we should brag about. You can do that by emailing me directly. We’ll be adding details about the list on our website.

We’re working on a lot of different ideas for Bragging Week, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. If you have ideas about a unique way you want to get involved or support Bragging Week, just let me know. I’m eager to hear your ideas and would love to work with you on how to make it happen! You can RSVP for the week on our Facebook page


Kate Brickman

Communications Director

Mayor Betsy Hodges

City of Minneapolis

612-673-3825 (office)

815-343-9299 (cell)

To stay up-to-date on what Mayor Hodges is doing to address issues affecting Minneapolis, sign up for her email update.

You can also follow her progress on her blog,

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