January Community Meeting Topic: DeLaSalle Proposes to Fund Tennis Courts at St Anthony Park

SAENA recently learned that DeLaSalle High School proposes to fund three new tennis courts at St Anthony Park, along 3rd Ave NE in either 2013 or 2014. This action would fulfill a reciprocal use agreement between DeLaSalle High School and the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board that took place when the high school gained permission to build its football field on MPRB-owned land on Nicollet Island in 2006. Under this proposal, DeLaSalle would have exclusive use of the courts at designated times for their tennis team. The courts would be open to the public at the non-designated times.

Please attend the SAENA Community Meeting on Monday, January 28th to learn more details about the proposal and share your input. Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board Commissioner Liz Wielinski and Assistant Superintendant for Planning Bruce Chamberlain, will be there to provide updates on the proposed project and answer questions from residents.

The meeting will take place at Clare Housing Apartments, 929 Central Ave NE from 7:00-8:30 PM.


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