St Anthony East Neighborhood Survey Results Are Here!

This summer SAENA mailed out a neighborhood survey to each household in St Anthony East to get their input on future land use and development preferences for the neighborhood. These results will guide our next steps with the neighborhood master plan. Part of the master plan process will include community meetings and focus groups to have shared conversations about our plan for the future of the neighborhood. The survey results will guide our conversation topics and narrow our focus of what issues are most important to residents and stakeholders in St Anthony East.

Approximately 300 residents completed the survey, and our graduate student researcher, Heather Lane, compiled the results for the neighborhood’s use. A full report is still to come, but below you can view some of the highlights of the results.

2 thoughts on “St Anthony East Neighborhood Survey Results Are Here!

  1. Katie

    I am a frequent transit rider from St. Anthony East, and I strongly oppose changing the #10 into a streetcar. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my survey in in time. In our cold climate, for 6 months out of the year it would involve longer walks to and from home and/or my destination in unpleasant weather. I am very surprised and perplexed that my fellow regular transit riders, who know what it’s like to ride transit regularly in bad weather, would be satisfied to go from stops on 7th, Spring, AND Broadway to just one of the above.

    To each his own, I guess, but I’m adamantly against it.

  2. Katie

    I also strongly oppose having businesses in Webster Open School, but I acknowledge that this is mostly NIMBYism on my part. (Personally, I LIKE living IN a commercial desert but being a 0.75-mile walk from commercial oases. To me, that’s precisely why Saint Anthony East is better place to live than other neighborhoods, and I really don’t want that to change.)

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