Do You Want To Help Shape the Future of St. Anthony East?

SAENA invites individuals who are interested in shaping the future of St. Anthony East’s housing, business development, and land use to join our Neighborhood Master Plan Steering Committee.

What is a Neighborhood Master Plan?

A small area plan (aka neighborhood master plan) is a document that outlines a long-range vision of typically 15 to 20 years for land use and development in that area. The plan examines the current conditions of the area, develops a future vision of what residents and business representatives want the neighborhood or area to become and then formulates specific goals, objectives, and policies or projects to implement that vision.

A comprehensive plan is:

• a visioning document that serves as a guide for public and private growth and land development decisions within the City.

• a tool that addresses land use, transportation, housing, economic development, public services and facilities, environment, open space and parks, heritage preservation, arts and culture and urban design in the City.

• a guide for the City’s development so that it occurs in a coordinated, efficient, effective and sustainable manner in a way that balances opportunities and promotes a high quality of life for residents and visitors.

What Will I Do As A Steering Committee Member?

The steering committee may consist of residents, business owners, landlords, and other neighborhood stakeholders who will oversee the project from beginning to end. The committee will help determine priorities for the project, select a consulting firm to design the plan, advise on strategic and logistical matters, and report to both the SAENA Board of Directors and the St. Anthony East community on the plan as it develops.

Please contact us at or call 612-331-6514 if you are interested in participating in this project.

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