Help Bring Classes Back to Webster School

What’s Happening to Webster School Next Year?
Webster closed as a K-8 school in 2006 and is now used primarily as administrative office space. However, these offices will be relocated to the new administrative headquarters in North Minneapolis next year, leaving Webster with very limited use. This month the Minneapolis Public School Board will vote on changes to K-8 schools in Northeast Minneapolis, in response to increased enrollment in Zone 1. Included in these proposed changes are two options that would add programs to Webster School in the St. Anthony East neighborhood. The School Board is interested in potentially making Webster School either an early childhood education center or a pre K-3 school. Either one of these options would make Webster a vibrant education center for children in our neighborhood.
What Can You Do?
The School Board is reviewing input from the community about their thoughts on the proposals. The amount of support shown by the community will impact the School Board’s decision. If you want to see more school programs offered at Webster, please call or write our Minneapolis Public School Board members to tell them you are in support of these options.
Suggested Talking Points:
  • Kids and parents in St. Anthony East would benefit from having a school in their own neighborhood
  • The building is in good condition and does not need major repairs for it to be ready for more programs
  • If nothing is done, Webster will become a large unused building in the neighborhood
  • Webster sits adjacent to a large park that provides abundant recreational opportunities for the children

The most important thing to stress is that you support a decision that brings more educational programs for kids to Webster School. 

Who To Contact:
Board of Education, Chair
Alberto Monserrate
Board of Education, Vice Chair

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