Webster School Update

Since May 2011, the Minneapolis Public Schools’ Enrollment Planning Team held several public meetings to receive input from the Northeast community about how to address increased enrollment in Zone 1 (which St. Anthony East is in). A number of ideas emerged from these community discussions. Among the many proposals, St. Anthony East has a particular interest in the proposed solutions that result in increased use of Webster School. Webster was closed as a K-8 school five years ago. The building currently houses MPS administrative offices and offers 2-3 different early childhood family education classes a week. However, the administrative offices at Webster will be relocated to the new MPS administrative building in North Minneapolis next year. This will leave the building with only limited use unless new programs are brought to the building. We believe Webster should play an important role in how the schools in Northeast Minneapolis are reconfigured in coming years.

An Enrollment Planning Team, charged with proposing enrollment solutions to the School Board, will submit their proposals on how to accommodate more K-8 students in our school district. Two ideas involving Webster School are included in the Enrollment Planning Team’s proposal. One proposal is to turn Webster into a pre K- Grade 3 school. A second potential use for Webster is to make it an early education center, complete with High Five, early childhood family education, and early childhood special education programs. Either one of these solutions would ensure that Webster School remain occupied, well-used, and a vibrant center of community activity in the St. Anthony East neighborhood.

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