St. Anthony East Passes NRP Phase II Action Plan

The St. Anthony East neighborhood voted to approve a proposed NRP Phase II Neighborhood Action Plan on Monday night. This plan, which was developed through several years of planning and research, demonstrates how $362,535 will be used to revitalize the neighborhood. Due to a City Council decision to freeze a portion of Minneapolis neighborhoods’ Phase II funds, St. Anthony East will only have access to 66% ($239,335) of its original allocation. Here is the breakdown on how the funds will be used:

Housing- 70%

Crime and Safety- 13%

Land Use Development- 13%

Community Outreach- 4%

Clearly, improving the condition and safety of St. Anthony East’s housing is a top priority. A recent study released by the City of Minneapolis shows that housing in St. Anthony East was hit harder than the median Minneapolis neighborhood in the past five years, based on eight healthy housing indicators (e.g. decrease in property values, housing code violations. etc). View the full report here:

Our two home improvement loan programs, the Revolving Loan and Last Resort Deferred Loan, can help combat some of these negative trends by providing affordable financing options for needed home repairs. (Stay tuned for more neighborhood housing updates)

Along with improving the housing stock, the Phase II Action Plan seeks to increase street level lighting, improve Community Commons Park, provide outreach to the community, and create a neighborhood master plan. The aggregate impact of these projects will help St. Anthony East develop both its physical condition and community strength. We will look to the neighborhood’s residents, business owners, landlords, and other stakeholders to help carry out these initiatives. If you are interested in participating in a neighborhood improvement effort, please let us know. With an involved community, we can make St. Anthony East an even better place to live, work, and play.

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