Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in NE (and around town)

From the City of Minneapolis:


Wi-Fi hotspots are part of a community benefits agreement to help narrow the digital divide.  The hotspots are spread around neighborhoods throughout the city — from the shores of Lake Calhoun to the corner of West Broadway and Lyndale Avenue in north Minneapolis —  with particular attention paid to areas where citizens may lack Internet access.

When completed, the wireless network will cover all 59 square miles of Minneapolis providing residents, businesses and visitors with wireless broadband access anywhere in the City. The city is in the process of hanging blue signs that identify the various spots as a “Free Minneapolis Wireless Hotspot:  Courtesy of City of Minneapolis and USI Wireless”.  The network will allow the city to deliver services more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

The 8 Free outdoor Wi-Fi hot spot locations in the 3rd Ward are:

  • 13th Avenue and University Avenue NE
  • University and Central Avenue NE
  • Main Street and 3rd Avenue SE
  • Wilder Street
  • 2nd Street and 20th Avenue NE
  • Marshall Street and Lowry Avenue NE
  • 24th and Lyndale Avenue N
  • Lyndale Avenue N and West Broadway Avenue

To use Wi-Fi, you must be relatively near one of these access points. A complete map of the locations can also be found online at

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