Update: MPS Administrative Offices – Community Meetings Set

(If you are new this issue, go ahead and read this post first.)

The School Board delayed the vote (originally scheduled for 4/13) on the top three proposals in order to hold more community meetings. They have been scheduled for this week. Here’s the info we received:

“Currently MPS operates administrative offices in four buildings:  807 Broadway NE, Webster, 1250  W Broadway and the Lehmann Center.  The new headquarters proposals right-size the amount of administrative space to the number of employees, reducing administrative office space from 633,000 square feet to 275,000.  Consolidating space into one facility will save approximately $10 million over the next three decades and provide administrative staff with an appropriate place to work.

There are two upcoming information meetings to discuss the proposals.

Tuesday, April 20, 6:30-8p.m.

Sullivan Community School

3100 E 28th St.

Minneapolis, MN  55406

Thursday, April 22, 6:30-8

Jefferson Community School

1200 W 28th St.

Minneapolis, MN  55405

The School Board meeting will be held:

Tuesday, April 27, 6-8 pm

807 Broadway NE

Minneapolis, MN  55413

Assembly Room”

From SAENA President Tom Hoch:

Hi All:

I want to underscore that the school board is currently contemplating shutting down the 807 Building and vacating the Webster School building in favor constructing a new building at 1250 West Broadway.  This will leave two big holes in our neighborhood with no plan for what will happen to these properties.   There is, however, a proposal by Ryan Companies to rehab the current 807 headquarters  turning it into a LEED certified building while also reusing the existing structure.  And, this options costs less than the construction of a new office building at 1250 West Broadway.

The vitality of our neighborhood is strengthened by the continuing presence of school district employees in the 807 building.  Constructing a new building at the other end of Broadway and out of NE Minneapolis is short sighted, inefficient and wrong for our neighborhood.   Please take time to voice your concerns to school board members NOW and please attend one of the community meetings (which, surprisingly, are not being held in OUR neighborhood).    Thank you.   I’ve included the MPS website link below.  Thanks, all.

–Tom Hoch


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